Monday, February 1, 2010

Time Management Challenge GET READY!!

Let me start by saying this is one of the hardest challenges I have ever taken part in. I personally can't stand structure and try to eliminate it as much as possible, but this year is all about change.

My schedule is very tight these days and the more I work the more I lack organization, which at times often cause great frustration. I haven't cooked in weeks, my clothes are scattered all over the floor and it seems like I'm running from one extreme to the next. This go go life style has caused me to be unhealthy and semi depressed because it can be overwhelming. You add trying to get out of debt to all the madness and you have complete and utter chaos!!!

Well let me tell you I'm here to put an end to all the madness (at least for a month). This month I will be making use of every hour of my day (outside of work) and attempt to be productive. This will include making sure my meals are prepared in advance, exercising, and having bible study time. The point in all this is to hopefully make me feel better knowing I can get things done and not waste away. I mean honestly when you are trying to get out of debt the last thing you really want to do is pile on more stress. But this will be more of a destresser (is that a word?) hopefully.

So each day I will post what I did, in efforts to keep me accountable lets pray I can stick to it!!

here is what my day should look like starting today:

5:00am-5:30 - prayer and bible study

5:30am-6:00 - work out

6:00am - 6:30 eat breakfast

6:30am - 7:30- get dressed and off to work

8:00am-4:30 - work

Between 5 and 10 I will be at the salon wednesday through friday

Monday and Tuesday evenings are free (excluding my FPU class 2 hours)

5:00pm - dinner

6:00pm computer time

7:00 bible study

8:00 exercise

9:00 set clothing out for next day and prepare for bed

soon after this I should be sleep. I am trying to get to bed every evening before 10pm. Can't really be productive if you aren't getting enough rest right?

From this challenge I hope to be come physically fit, less stressed, organized, and happy!! Anyone care to join in the challenge let me know and we can work together!

read set go!!!


ms 80's said...

@Mik.... Are you a morning person???? I definitely know that I'm not so anything that I "plan" on doing before I go to work will be a huge FAIL.

But good luck with your schedule. One suggestion. I think you should move your bible study up before you computer time. I'm reading a daily devotion but I read it when I come home from work. My rule is to not turn on the tv or the computer until after I've done my devotion. That way I know it's gonna get done and then I don't have any distractions on my mind.

Divine and Debt Free said...

No I am not!! and trust me this morning was a complete failure!!! lol.