Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dave Ramsey Killed My Dating Life!

Over the past few years my dating life has been pretty stagnant, I have had a few relationships here and there but nothing that seemed to pan out the way I pictured in my head. The most recent endeavor caused me to think about how "Strict" I will be when it comes to buying into what I believe about money. The guy I was seeing, based everything on credit scores and spoke the words I hate to hear " you need credit to live" Of course you do when you have over 100k in student loans, seems like you "lived" pretty high on the hog there eh? Don't get me wrong I know law school is expensive but I still don't buy the fact that you must go knee deep into debt to get an education.

The guy had a few other money issues that caused red flags to go up all over the place like gambling, and telling me he was going to buy a 200k house in Michigan. Crazy right? Needless to say he got the boot, not because of his money sense but because of his character over all.

Truth told I am hoping when I go to the live event this month that I can meet some people "aka men" that have a bit of money sense. Its hard dating having all these "stipulations" but I do believe that all my requirements do line up with the word of God and I am not to be accepting any thing less than what God has planned for me.

So when it comes down to it Dave didn't kill my dating life, he gave me a few extra tools to make sure I am wise about deciding who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am willing to wait it out for the right guy, and I truly believe he is coming and he will be all I ask for and more.

Is there any rules you have in place that kills your dating life?


Sunny said...

I think it's very important to be on one accord moneywise with the person you are dating, because after all- you just may marry this person. And we know how important money sense is in marriage.

Alonzo said...

I have to agree with Sunny - you have to be on the same page about money with any partner. I think I read somewhere that money and infidelity are the top two causes of divorce.

Probably a good thing you cut him to the curb to make room for a better man to come your way, Nothing worse than holding a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when caviar comes strolling by =)

Divine and Debt Free said...

lmao Alonzo!!! great analogy for sure and I used to eat a lot of pb n j when I first started out on the dave program and trust me Im not trying to go back unless toddlers are involved lol. Funny thing is some people still feel is ok to eat pb n j until caviar comes which boggles my mind all analogies aside I don't play when it comes to blocking my blessings and you for darn sure won't have my future hubby being blocked messing around with your foolishness. I believe God only sends things our way when we are open and available to receive. Ok i just did a rabbit trail on that note lol....

Sunny it is very important, but see im willing to compromise on somethings if you are willing to meet me half way, I mighta helped him work through the loans because hey we all got em, but the whole buying a house while broke and gambling threw me for a loop lol. He couldn't even afford to take me out the next day cuz he lost all the money!! im like our friend b scott "OH NO MA'AM!! lol lol lol

Sunny said...

@DaDF: Yeah that's pretty ig'nant. I agree- we all have debts, but the main thing is to make sure you are on the same level.

If you are saver, a relationship is gonna be hell with a spender. Someone who will spend the rent and then look to you to dip into the savings to back them up. That's what I meant by being on the same accord.

And like Alonzo, I also heard that money was one of the top leaders to divorce.