Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going "Write" Through It

I am back this time with a vengeance and I got a pen in my hand! Blogging at times can be your worst enemy when you are feeling down or it can be your best friend when your feeling up! If your me however I am deciding to write myself through these hard times. Certainly I am going through some things but the fact still remains Im here and that alone is enough to write about.

So through these next few months and year I will be back to blogging for as long as my thoughts inspire me to do so. I have no idea what about but I will have something to say. When I first started this particular blog the goal was to journal my financial experience but it was also to inspire others who face similar financial struggles. Truth is you just can't always write about the good and leave out the bad because there will always be some. But hopefully my issues financial and non financial inspire others to at the very most KEEP HOPE ALIVE! (I thought that was funny).

Currently I am working on getting an interview with the author of "Girl make your money grow" Gail Perry Mason" My desire is to have her come speak at my church which I think would be amazing! I just had a light bulb moment, I could do a panel of financial guru's kinda like Oprah's debt diet at my church!!! (writing that down).

Other than that, my debt snowball is at a stand still, Im in between fighting being an utter mess and well you know that comes with plenty retail shopping. Hey don't judge me lol. Seriously being able to just buy something is allowing me to have one less thing to worry about. Yes I still keep tabs on my money but paying down debt is the last thing on my mind. ITS ON MY MIND, its just not at the front! The year is winding down and I just as soon figure that I will bring in my student loans right under 10,000 into the new year and work on some new avenues of income to push it along once I get my ball back to rolling.

Haven't heard anything regarding my home being sold but I am still praying I get the call really soon. Thats all I have for today but there is certainly more to come with a focal point of course......

whats on your mind????