Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My home was sold!!!

The last time I blogged I wasn't in the best place in my life but I am feeling a whole lot better. My home sold December 23, 2010 two days before Christmas. Talk about a wonderful gift right? My debt seems like its not moving even though I have been paying it... strange I know. I trashed my laptop shortly after I wrote my last post here and I now have a new one as of a month ago. So I am really excited to write again. I didn't know when the inspiration to write would come back but I'm glad its here. For a while I thought I would just wait until I became debt free but then you guys would miss all the fun and excitement in between!!!!

For Christmas I went to Chicago to visit my dads family which includes cousins, great aunts and my favorite lady my great grandma. For new years my mom, brother, and I went to New York to watch the famous ball drop. We had the most fun and it was great time with them both.

So I am back for good and I am so looking forward to paying off this last bit of debt. It keeps stalking me but I'm getting a ppo out on it and promise If it returns to my door step I won't be liable for what happens to it!!!

what have you guys been up to??