Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Debt Snowball Update

Of course I don't post as much as I did when I started but the snowball is still rolling even when you guys don't see it!! As of today I have $14,000 in debt to pay off. My 401k loan will be paid off by June and then my last debt the student loan starts rolling!!!

So many wonderful things are happening and I am just so excited about what is to come in the next couple months. Im praying for my unsingleness!!

Random but hey, maybe God wants to send me a debt free husband but wants me to finish this thing out first!! All I say to that is LORD BRING IT ON!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


The fire that took place on Sunday night was at MY apartment complex. Thankful it was not my building but many others were not so fortunate..

A massive apartment fire leaves 80 people homeless, damaging and destroying more than 40 units. It happened at Trapper's Cove Apartments. That's near the intersection of Jolly and Dunckel roads in Lansing. They're still trying to figure out what caused it. The flames did some major damage to the building. The roof gone in some spots, the siding melted away. It's the aftermath of an intense fire and fight. Fire forced people out of their apartments just before midnight.

Eric Weber, Lansing Fire Department: "Heavy, thick smoke billowing from the building, and then the flames as well were billowing."

Firefighters had a tough time battling 50-foot flames.

Eric Weber: "It's a taxing fire."

You can see the rooftops through an orange glow, by daylight the real damage. 80 people now homeless. Many of their things destroyed, but as bad as it looked, luckily everyone made it out OK.

Eric Weber: "It's a challenge for us, fires at midnight in bedtime hours, our initial response. That's the first thing we're thinking is rescue."

A difficult task in an apartment building.

Eric Weber: "The building is large, they're cut up, and they're hard to get to."

At one point up to 40 firefighters tried to put out the flames.

Eric Weber: "The wind was against us, the wind was blowing extremely, which probably fueled and helped this fire spread rapidly, both vertically and horizontally. It took off the roof off the building."

The department also had to fight a crowded parking lot and problems with fire hydrants. It took almost three hours to get the fire under control. The next step is figuring out what caused it.

Eric Weber: "It could take days, if not weeks to figure out the cause of this fire.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Gratitude Friday and Joyce Meyer

These last couple weeks have been some of the best weeks of my life. I have new beautiful sisters in Christ and I'm growing in my faith every day! God has been calling me to step out of my comfort zone in order to get things done and be bold for his sake.

I realized that while attempting to rush the debt free process I almost forgot to enjoy the process. So far this year I have become more dedicated to the things of God. I mean he was with me through all this but now I have a real relationship with him and its become more evident each day. Since giving up my position at the salon I have been able to build great bonds with new friends and make room for other things in my life like getting organized and being healthy.

I have received so many blessings in that time such as getting approved for overtime at work, getting over 3,000 from my tax refund which helped my buy my car and pay debt, received rent from my tenant who I thought was moving our but is still at my old place, and much more. I have learn more about the spiritual side of things more than things related to finance and every bit has been worth it. I look forward to more growth in Christ and just enjoying every day life!!

This weekend some friends and I, attend a Joyce Meyer conference and had girl time. It was a challenge to keep from spending more more but God has been keeping me!! So glad to have had the experience and I look forward to doing more great things!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I H8 Debt !!!

It finally arrived, and now I am cooler than a fan!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Clean Closet!!

So it took me a week to work on this and I still have one more load to finish but all in all I finished the task!

Peapod In Your City

Found this site via a webcast program and I thought I would check it out. Even though they don't offer it in my city I thought it would still be cool to share! so check em out @

Free Credit Report is the site you can obtain free copies of your credit report once per year. I urge everyone to make sure they check to verify what is on your record.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Step Your Way to Wealth!! Dave's Plan

Get out of debt the same way you learned to walk—one step at a time. Dave has taught these principles to millions via radio, books, Financial Peace University, live events and online. Here's the process:

Baby Step 1

$1,000 to start an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is for those unexpected events in life that you can’t plan for: the loss of a job, an unexpected pregnancy, a faulty car transmission, and the list goes on and on. It’s not a matter of if these events will happen; it’s simply a matter of when they will happen.

Baby Step 2

Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball

List your debts, excluding the house, in order. The smallest balance should be your number one priority. Don’t worry about interest rates unless two debts have similar payoffs. If that’s the case, then list the higher interest rate debt first. The point of the debt snowball is simply this: You need some quick wins in order to stay pumped up about getting out of debt! Paying off debt is not always about math. It’s about motivation. Personal finance is 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior. When you start knocking off the easier debts, you will see results and you will stay motivated to dump your debt.

Baby Step 3

3 to 6 months of expenses in savings

Once you complete the first two baby steps, you will have built serious momentum. But don’t start throwing all your “extra” money into investments quite yet. It’s time to build your full emergency fund.

Baby Step 4

Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRAs and pre-tax retirement

When you reach this step, you’ll have no payments—except the house—and a fully funded emergency fund. Now it’s time to get serious about building wealth.

Baby Step 5

College funding for children

By this point, you should have already started Baby Step 4—investing 15% of your income—before saving for college. Whether you are saving for you or your child to go to college, you need to start now.

Baby Step 6

Pay off home early

Now it’s time to begin chunking all of your extra money toward the mortgage. You are getting closer to realizing the dream of a life with no house payments.

Baby Step 7

Build wealth and give!

It’s time to build wealth and give like never before. Leave an inheritance for future generations, and bless others now with your excess. It's really the only way to live! Learn more

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh How Dreadful !!

housewives of atlanta Dwight Eubanks in pumps

For the last month I have been participating in a small woman's group. Its been really fun building friendships and learning how to hold each other accountable for whatever reason.

We all have specific goals that we desire to meet in our lives and one area I struggle in is being organized. Below is a picture of my closet. I personally don't believe I own a lot of clothes but honestly this is the very reason why my closet should not look the way it does. For some odd reason, I despise washing clothes and I despise folding them and putting them away even more. However I know it is a good thing for me to be organized. I believe that organization will cause other areas in my life to become more simplified and balanced. So this weekend I am going to clean up my closet, organize my papers, and make my bedroom the sleep haven it was designed to be.

Is it just me or do most people have an organizing phobia ?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Job Interview Overview

Well I must say the experience was short and sweet. I learned a few things about the position being offered that made me realize it might not be in my best interest to take. First thing was that the job was limited term (2 years) which would cause me to put my job stability at risk if I took it. The second thing was that when I told them my current salary they gave me a side eyed look and explained to me they weren't looking to even pay that much. I don't believe I make a substantial amount of money but to them it seemed as such. Never the less I was happy to have the experience and I am glad I was selected to interview for the position.

Thanks for the prayers!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Job Interview

I was called last week about a position in Detroit and I will be going on an interview on Wednesday. While I believe there are benefits to taking this job if it becomes offered to me, there are also some things that will be hard for me to let go as well.

So I won't try to speculate on anything but just ask that everyone will keep me in prayer at this time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Beginnings......

Over the weekend I resigned from my position at the hair salon. I was very disappointed that it ended but it was something that needed to be done. One thing I believe about myself is that I am very passionate about what I do. Being a hair stylist is something that I wanted to pursue in my free time when I had children. Now I am realizing that even though I have a time line it doesn't always mean its God time.

I look forward to having a lot of free time now but I know this is an opportunity to get some things done that have been lacking in my life. I have developed new beautiful friendships and I am believing that each have a purpose for my life. I thank God for also showing me some areas that I need to work on so that this situation that came up doesn't happen again. People do things to test you and its up to us to make sure we are not being taken advantage of.

This week I plan to do better with managing my time, and being productive. Also I have allowed my budgeting to slip a bit due to emotional stress. While I haven't made any frivolous purchases I did spend money in areas that probably should have waited.

This week is going to be a week of progress a week of healing, and understanding. Hope you all are willing to come along for the ride!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snowflakes and my laziness

As you all know yesterday I purchased a car for cash. I must admit it was a great experience and I do believe this is one of the things I plan to do for ever. However paying cash caused a setback for my debt free date which was highly disappointing. I personally would have chose to ride a bike to work or catch the bus had it been possible. Non the less it is what it is today and I am not sure what to do really. I have been working at the hair salon for 4 months now and some days are better than others.

However I have a lazy bone in my body that I just can't see to shake!! Im kinda good at making people think I do more than I really do but honestly im probably one of the laziest people you might come across in my opinion. The reason why I mention this is because I am at the point in my traing that I have the ability to take on clients. Ever since I did one of my friends hair people have been requesting my services which you would think is great!! I could probably make back the money I spent on the car if I really focused. But I DON'T WANT TO!! Just thinking about what its going to take to get that amount makes me sick to my stomach. So here are my options : If I start taking on a bunch of clients and marketing my business I could make the money but potentially burn myself out to the point of quitting when its over.

Or I could remain lackadaisical about it, continuing to do enough to keep my hours up but no more, and get out of debt a month later than I planned but still enjoy what I do.....

I really need help on this, what would you do? I personally am not a math nerd but if someone could break down how many clients at what cost, to figure out how to regain $1600 bucks I would do it. In otherwords I just can't see the forest beyond the trees without someone breaking it down for me. If it looks like it can be done in a months time I would go for it!! But I don't know what it would take or if its possible....

le sigh..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On The Road Again

After a long treacherous week It has finally arrived !!!! Yes Yes its true I now have a BRAND NEW BEATER!!!

Its a 98 Jetta and its paid for in CASH!! I am so happy to have transportation once again and even more happy that there is no payments tied to it. What do you think? Do we have a winner!!!