Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh How Dreadful !!

housewives of atlanta Dwight Eubanks in pumps

For the last month I have been participating in a small woman's group. Its been really fun building friendships and learning how to hold each other accountable for whatever reason.

We all have specific goals that we desire to meet in our lives and one area I struggle in is being organized. Below is a picture of my closet. I personally don't believe I own a lot of clothes but honestly this is the very reason why my closet should not look the way it does. For some odd reason, I despise washing clothes and I despise folding them and putting them away even more. However I know it is a good thing for me to be organized. I believe that organization will cause other areas in my life to become more simplified and balanced. So this weekend I am going to clean up my closet, organize my papers, and make my bedroom the sleep haven it was designed to be.

Is it just me or do most people have an organizing phobia ?


Young Mogul said...

I, personally, feel your life should work for you. So, if getting organized helps you get a handle on your laundry, then good. But, if after getting organized, laundry still isn't your thing, and if you can afford it, I would say, bring the clothes to the drop off laundry and have them done for you.

It is really inexpensive, they charge by the pound. It is a way of making your life simplier and less stressful. So, if you can afford it, I say do what works for you. You may never learn to accept the task of doing laundry--and that's OK.

Divine and Debt Free said...

Oh yes when im debt free you better believe I will be sending my clothing to the cleaners!! I did it once and oooh man that money adds up lol, but so worth it!