Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Become Debt Free?

As stated in the last post, I started my debt free journey 2 years ago and it been a crazy wild trip. It hasn't all been fun, matter of fact about 35% of the time I have struggled. I have moved 2 times during the process, worked 2 jobs, and fixed my car at least 4 times without resorting to throwing in the towel and buying new. Its not all that easy refraining from a habit you have kept most of your adult life.

When I share my story with people I get a variety of questions and responses like : "you could die tomorrow" or "you never get to have fun" or my very favorite one "good luck with that" Its never really bothered me much because from day one I started seeing progress. However the biggest question would always remain "why do this?" Well let me tell you my list could get rather long but since this is a new site and I want folks to come back I will just leave you with my top 5 reasons.

1. Being broke sucks!! - Yep I said it, I never realize in all my 27 years how much I DIDN'T get to do, until I started getting out of debt. Sure I ate at the occasional steakhouse or took a trip a state or two over once a year and I even shopped when I felt like it. But man once I started focusing on paying off debt I saw how much of a life I DIDN'T HAVE. My friends were always going on trips, going to parties, buying clothes every other day, driving nice cars and doing things I dreamed of when I didn't have money. I never noticed because I was too busy keeping afloat so it didn't seem like life was really happening around me. Now that I am almost debt free I have found a million and one things to do AFTER im debt free, and prayerfully I get to do them now that debt won't be holding me back.

2. I can't ever give to people in need - Have you ever said to someone "Im sorry can't help you money is tight" 20 or more times?? I know I have and its not a good feeling when you can't help those especially in your family, when they are in need. Becoming debt free has given me much financial backing enough so that I COULD do for others, not all the time but way more than I ever could before. Not only can I give money, I don't even have to (nor will I ) expect it back. Talk about a good feeling eh?

3. I hate telling folks I like to travel but never do - I went to south Africa when I was 17 and that was a couple months shy of 10 years ago. I would love to travel outside of the country again and even go to cool places in the states, but money has always been an issue, im looking to renew my passport soon and hopefully this time I can use it more than every 10 years.

4. I want to get married one day - Ok guys so be serious with me for a moment, have you ever dated someone and have one of the requirements be "you must have a credit score of 700 or more to date me" Ok me neither but I don't plan on it either lol. Seriously who wants to go into a marriage with LOADS of debt? Money fights is one of the main causes for divorce and I do not want to end up being like 50% of America.

5. I want to pay for my kids college - I don't actually have children yet and I pray the lord blesses me with 4 little ones, but I want to be prepared. I don't want to have college NOT be an option for my kids or have them be bogged down by financial problems that they can't focus on their studies. I know how difficult it has been for me in the past and I want my kids to not only have an opportunity to experience a debt free college but I want them to graduate knowing how money REALLY WORKS which apparently you can't get that in college.

So these are my top 5 reasons for wanting to be debt free. I am aware that some people might not actually agree with the path im on but its been very rewarding. I look forward to sharing more about my progress and one day you will get to hear me scream IM DEBT FREEEEEEEEEE!! So if you have reasons for wanting to be debt free let me know, or if you think its all crazy you can tell me that too lol what ever you do though give me a buzz!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Personal Growth and Money

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.
1 Corinthians 13:11 (NIV)

Its been two years since I started on the path to debt freedom. In those two years I have improved my attitude about life and money. Learned how to set goals and stick to them. Increased my faith and awareness of my spirituality, and educated myself on building relationships. All in all its been a wonderful experience even in the hard times. However I would be lying if I said I have come full circle when it comes to personal growth.

People always say you continue to learn even as you get older, which I do believe. But what about those times when you "skip" certain parts of the growth process? As I stated in my "About me" section of my blog, I am NOT a financial adviser nor do I have any professional training in the matter, but why don't I?

I started college just as I graduated from high school, but I never finished. I could give you all the reasons why I didn't but its a pretty mute point so I will refrain. However since I started getting out of debt I have began to realize what I am passionate about. I can talk about money until Im am blue in the face, and even after it turns yellow (which is kinda hard lol) because I love it. I love to talk about budgets, credit, real estate, saving, and all things related to finance. So what is stopping me from pursuing an education in finance you ask? Fear that's what....

Even as a young adult I was scared of going into debt for school, even though I went in to debt for what turned out to be much larger than a college education I still did it can you see the irony in that? Turns out NOT finishing college was one the most dumbest things I could do. But this post today isn't about beating myself up, its about "Growth". If I am going to reach my "Full" potential I MUST go back to school point blank. I have to admit its a frighting choice but if I want to grow and continue to help others Its something that should be done. Besides all that why not get paid for doing something I love right?

With that said, I am going to start college soon, but this time its going to be debt free. Originally I had intended to wait until all my debt was paid off but, there is no reason to put it off considering the amount I can spend on a few classes is the same amount I used to fund some of those trips I went on this past summer.

Here at Divine & Debt Free we encourage everyone, if you are holding back from doing something out of fear.... don't. As the word of God says "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline". 2 Timothy 1:7 (New Living Translation)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Security Alert ! Text Message Scam Still Going Wild, Credit Union Customers are latest victims

This article comes from the Fraud Scams and News site. I received a phone call from my mother advising me that my 20 year old brother responded to one of these text messages, fortunately there was no money in the account at the time for them to withdraw but non the less he gave his information and will more than likely need to close the account.

It seems scammers are going hand in hand with the latest technological developments. If the technology is changing with quick developments, and so the fraudsters changing their scheme and tactics.
Imagine a Short Service message received in your mobile phone requesting to dial a toll free number in order to verify your identity. But next moment you came to know it was a scam ? Then think How it works for you?

It is easy and the safest way for scammers to track and trap, such crook tactics through mobile phones , and there fore text message seems the latest and favorites weapon of fraud. It you are not the latest victim of scam , then welcome to worst example of text messages fraud gripping credit union customers in Rogue Valley.

Here the mobile scammers are misleading the people by sending the fake short service message requesting to call toll free number and same asks to verify personal banking information by entering debit card numbers and other information into an automated teller machine ( ATM). Sometimes message also says your debit card had been deactivated and need to call the same number for activation .

In same way those who provided their personal information, instantly had their bank accounts wiped out. Thus resulting into scam and identity theft .

According to Budreau, the messages represents from Rogue Federal Credit Union and Southern Oregon Federal Credit Union, but actually came from false e-mail accounts that are difficult to trace back to actual owners which is nothing but a fraud tactics .

He advised the people beware of unfamiliar numbers Anyone who has responded should contact their financial institution to report that their account might be compromised.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Debt Free Beginnings

I started my debt free journey January of 2008. I was a little over 40k in debt and sinking into a very deep depression. I had just purchased a new home and a car to top everything off. To make matters worse my job was a little over an hour away (try driving in Michigan weather). In December 2007 my car was totaled and my home was broken into, my wadges which was 0 at the time started being garnished and I was just about to lose my job as well....

One day everything changed just when I was about to give up. My mom turned me on to this guy named Dave Ramsey and everything was completely turned around. Now I am 50% debt free 2 years later and this will be my final year in debt God willing!!

This site serves as an inspirational as well as a motivational tool for those already going through the process or wondering how you too can be apart of the debt free revolution. I will provide helpful tools and tips on money, travel, shopping and my own personal story. Hopefully it will inspire others to do the same!!

Thank you for reading enjoy your stay!