Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Plan For Retirement Sooner Than Later!

There has been recent suggestions that our governor of Michigan is attempting to force some folks into retirement by cutting benefit plans for retirees if the don't leave now. First of all this is NOT a shock to me personally. There have been talks of this since the day I became a State employee, did it come in the form of pay cuts? heck no it looked more like hefty buyouts. But nobody predicted we would be in the mess that we are in either.

At any rate people are freaking out over no dental and vision. I have been pondering this all day and asking questions and I still don't see the big deal. If your budget breaks down over those two things I think your problem is much bigger, YOU DIDN'T PLAN.

I feel sorry for all those people that don't have much savings after 30 years of working, that could have even been me in 20 years had it not been for getting on a game plan.

So I say all this to say start saving NOW, you don't want to be working at walmart let alone be working because you are forced to after 30 years of service just to pay bills. Even if you aren't on the dave plan aka the baby steps, PLEASE start saving at least 15% of your income in retirement. You will be glad you did later on in life!

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