Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being Gazelle Vs Family Trips What Would You Do

Over the last couple of months I have been venturing out to other websites that talk about money and finance. A few that I have come across I have added to my blog roll because I honestly believe when you find good info you should share it! But recently I was reading over at a site called blogging away debt. I personally love the site but this particular entry has been driving me up a wall so I decided to bring it here to see if im just a wackeydo or I really have valid points.

Here is what the entry said.....

My husband and I have been debating a big financial decision for a few months now. Some of my family is heading to Ireland and Italy in October and this will likely be the last and only trip we make together.

The cost of the trip?

$3,000 each.

I could say no but… I have decided to go.

Our tax refund covers the entire expense so we won’t fall behind on our debt free date.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, and I’m sure I have, but this is an opportunity I can’t turn down. Spending time with my family discovering our history across the sea, walking the same steps our grandfathers did, is important to me.

Now Out of 4o some odd comments everyone BUT MINE said Go! But my brain said don't do it and here are my reasons.

1. It sounded like it was semi planned - Im all for trips during the debt snowball process, but it would have to be ones that I have actually saved up for way in advance, now if she had said last year "I intend to use my tax refund money next year" ok fine I get it.

2. Once in a life time really? - I kept reading where she explained that after this year its basically over for the rest of the family to take trips..... sucks to be them eh???? I plan on being debt free soon and boy If im still alive im gonna travel my butt off! I want to have kids one day but, if kids, marriage, or home buying keeps me from taking big trips..... I pass!! lol

3. I want to be out of debt more than I want to see Italy - 6,000 is a lotta money, but then again I don't know there income levels so it seems big to me. Its taking me over 3 years to become debt free and I will be darn if I prolong that much longer. This particular blogger has just about the same about of debt left as me, suddenly im feeling challenged to beat her to debt freedom, and motivation is motivation!

Now at the end of the day, personal finance is just that PERSONAL so don't shoot me if you don't agree! But I still wanna know what would you do?


ms80s said...

Surprisingly, I actually agree with them going. And I think for me it just boils down to not being able to put a price tag on "experiences". I think it's not just about going to Italy. But it's the fact that it's a family trip. And I can also kind of see why she said this is once in a lifetime trip. Things happen. And it's no telling the circumstances that they have in their family. So this may very well be a once in a lifetime trip to have all those who are going to actually be able to go. I didn't go on our family trips to Gatlinburg and I regret it. I still have to hear stories about how much fun the family had. Our family doesn't even go anymore. They've talked about going again however, on the previous ones my great grandma went and on any upcoming ones she's not going to be there. It's just certain things where if you don't go right then, then it's a situation where you pretty much miss out. And you can't recreate that moment.

Even though it may have been semi planned sometimes you just have to be able to be spontaneous and go with the flow. You know I'm still mad at myself for not going to that Superbowl party last year. And the reason I was just flat out being cheap. I've realized that it's okay living on a budget and what not but at the same time it's okay to live a little too. I refuse to constantly be consumed with thinking about money. That doesn't mean I'm just out here spending reckless though.

And then with the cost....That just boils down people spend their money on different things. Like you said personal finance is personal and in this case they're willing to spend their tax money on this trip. Then so be it.

Divine and Debt Free said...

I understand it a little bit, all my family is broke so I guess chances of that going on in my family would be slim to non unless it was super cheap or paid for by one person as a gift.

The amount threw me for a loop too she said $6,000 for two people but that doesn't include food or shopping or doing extra stuff in general, conservative would be $500 extra but I would try to do at least $1000 in american dollars.

I spent 1,500 in south african for my "once in a lifetime" trip and heck im just one person and that was 10 years ago lol.

so $7,000 bucks is a lot when im trying to get outta debt, but im single don't have a husband so im sure the dynamics change a bunch. They have 2 incomes I don't maybe they will be debt free in a few months IDK

I do agree there are times when you have to lighten up which im all for and if i had an income tax check i would spend SOME not all. People forget that a tax refund isn't santa clause in washington its YOUR MONEY you just let the government hold it interest free all year, I bet had they had 6,000 spread out over the year they wouldn't have saved it all to take this trip!

eemusings said...

Hmmm, travel is a big priority for me, and most of my trips have ended up being fairly spontaneous so I would probably want to go - especially if it was our last chance to take a trip together (I haven't read the post so I don't know why that is). If it meant going FURTHER into debt for the trip, that would probably be different. I totally understand your wanting to be totally debt free first, though, and that's just as valid a choice! I also feel like there's a bit of a seachange in the PF sphere where it's a little more acceptable to maybe not go the most financially sensible route (especially for things like travel) of late.

Divine and Debt Free said...

eemusings eventually travel will become a big priority for me too! Im gonna email you about trip deals and cool places to go!

On the post she said the reason it was the last trip because next year people will be doing major stuff like home buying and having children so they will be strapped for cash.

I just kinda got in on my PF sphere and having had a whole lot of time to explore. why do you think the change has come about?

I know I haven't been the most intense through the process, I did waste over 7,000 in the last two years between my iphone and purchasing a home with cash even though I couldn't afford to fix it up at the time. So when you look at the grand scheme of things I kinda had the same ordeal except I didnt tell thousands of people lol, I just did it!!

I had regrets too though and well I doubt going to italy will have any at all lol.