Friday, February 5, 2010

No Debt Ever Again! No Seriously!!

I was talking to my girlfriend (yea i talk way to much sometimes) whom I love dearly about my plans to short sale my home. "You do know there are ramifications to this right?", she asked. "Of course I do, but see I never plan to borrow money again". She responded "never say never".

Now USUALLY I am one to never say never but I promise this is a special circumstance which I intend to adhere to for life. Even if im married and my husband wants to buy a house, I am going to tell him we must save up and pay cash or its no deal.

I know this is a hard concept for normal people to grasp but its also hard for people to grasp the idea of having no consumer debt which I am almost out of that too, so this isn't to far off. See I don't intend to be normal ever again. Debt is not something you just fall into you see typically "unless your dead" you have to sign up for debt. I personally don't ever want to voluntarily sign up for debt again. If I can't pay cash I just wont have it simple as that.

I was thinking especially if I am married and we have two incomes we SHOULD be able to save up for a house wouldn't you think? Its a crazy concept, to buy things you can afford but hey I think I am WEIRD!

No one is going to force me to buy a new car, if my car breaks down I will simply buy another beater just like the one I have now. No one is going to FORCE me to purchase a house with a mortgage especially not after all I have gone though and will continue to go through with this current house until it is sold.

I don't care about a fico score, I don't care If hertz never lets me rent a car from them again, I am swearing off of debt!!

If you come up with a VALID reason for me to be in debt VOLUNTARILY please let me know and I will certainly retract my statement. Until then this is what its gonna be!

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