Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuffitis Do You think its Incurable?

As I constantly think about being debt free, I start thinking more and more about all the things I have gone without for the past 2 years and how happy I will be when I can REALLY shop again. But as I started to calculate the stuff in my head and the amount went up, I started to wonder if this STUFF would really be worth it after all this waiting.

If anybody knows me I have a true appreciation for nice stuff. I always loved decorating and making the atmosphere just right. I often brought new art work, or lamps just to give the room a new feel every couple months. If you look at the picture below (disregard my face lol) you can see my place when I was 22 . It was a small place but I thought I had it going on with the decor and my friends agreed.

Eventually I moved to a house where my decorating habit ended up getting the best of me and caused me to make very poor financial decisions resulting in my downfall. Ever since then I have had to suppress my urge to spend on creating the nice environment that I loved so much. Some days its been harder than others but I would say over all its been a success not spending. To cope though I have brought simple things I could use like a bed set, or a candle set that didn't take up much space.

I honestly can't tell you how good I (think) I will feel when I get to decorate for the first time in almost 3 years. But decorating is just one of the things I plan to do, I also want to get a NEW laptop, tv, and cable all of which I do believe will put a smile on my face. But for how long I don't know.

Which is why you all in blog land come in. Before I start spending crazy trying to make up for all the things I have missed over the last few years I wanted to ask everyone these questions.

1. Do you think the best things in life are REALLY free? If so what are the free things you have that bring you the most joy.

2. Out of the stuff you had to have, how many of those things do you use on a regular basis, do you light up every time you turn on the tv or the ipod or whatever it is, or did the excitement of it all eventually leave. How long did it take?

3. Of all the things you have purchased because you had to have it, do you look back and think you would be just fine if you didn't. Why or why not.

Those are my 3 main questions I hope people answer honestly here on this blog. Now once I am debt free I am definitely going to shop for new furniture but the other stuff, I am questioning if I am just buying because I can, or because these things are really going to make me happy. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next 12 months post debt.


Young Mogul said...
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Young Mogul said...

1. Things that are REALLY free: The only thing I can think of that is really free is giving things away. This has given me pleasure and helped to declutter my life. If I had known then, what I know now, I probably wouldn't have furnished by entire house, but left some rooms completely empty. Mind you, I don't own a lot of things and my furniture is the same furniture I had from my apartment, but still.... Now I see how I was conforming to "societal" norms.

2. What do I use on a regual basis: The only things I truly need beside the obvious life necessities and relationships are books and music. Those are the things that make me happy.

So, why do I have so many other things. Wow.....this question was an "AHA moment' for me!

3. Do I need the things I have: NO, that is why I'm on my minimalist path in life. I want to have it all together by the time I am married and have kids. I want a spouse who shares my philosophy and we raise kids to be grateful and give back to the world.