Friday, February 19, 2010

Gratitude Friday and Love

This week has been much of an eye opener in regards to relationships, particularly with the opposite sex. I remember a few months ago praying God would protect my heart and today I can thankfully say he has.

For a few weeks I had been complaining about living the single life and how hard it is to be a single person trying to also become debt free. I learned that its still not easy but I think its in Gods plans for me to focus on ONE thing instead of two. In the past I have tried to carry on a relationship while being gazelle and the other person not really knowing how this debt thing worked and I do admit it was difficult. So while I think about marriage one day I realize how much God isn't keeping me from that God fearing man but he is rather preparing me. Today I thank him for his love kindness in grace. Each day my prayer will be that I am 100% fufilled in this area of my life and as the famous saying goes, let go and let God. Im prepared to do this knowing some days will always be easier than others, but today I celebrate because this day is Easy! Easy like Sunday Morning!!!

What are you Grateful for??

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