Sunday, January 31, 2010

Are You Being Productive or Wasting Time

Over the weekend my mom came to visit me. She had some type of conference to attend. When she got home she was doing a little bit of explaining to me about one particualar area that struck me bad, time management.

She pulled out this little sheet that basically was a chart that had little check marks for area's that need improvement. For example " exercising " you are suppose to check each day you actually exercise in a month. Then by looking at it at month end it either had a few check marks or a bunch. She also had another chart that broke down times of the day like morning, afternoon, evening ect.....

Honestly the thing looked amazingly overwhelming. I mean who wants to actually see how much time they waste in a day? NOT me lol. True indeed I work a full 40 hours a week and then another 15-20 at the salon, and when I come home I am either glued to my laptop actually just staring at it because half my brain is mush at that point, or sleeping. There are a TON of things that I could be getting done, even right now I could be separating my clothes to be washed BUT IM NOT!

Now I am not saying every minute of the day should be tracked like a wacky person but I think time management broken down would help me accomplish way more things than not having any at all would ever do. So starting this week I am going to get brave (I think) an start managing my time. On Monday I will list everything I think should get done each day and then mark what I do accomplish....

Do you think you waste a lot of time?

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