Thursday, January 21, 2010

Positive Reinforcement and Success with Money

So the preview class went better than I apparently have given myself credit for. I didn't think 5 people showing up was considered successful until my good friend reminded me that all this is a new process and it could have been zero!!

The past few days have been much like a roller coaster ride. I facilitated a home buying course for about 10 people which went super good and they have even requested a second session. I have had to make big relationship decisions in dealing with the opposite sex which was very hard to face, but I did non the less. I also ran into a couple road bumps at the salon which cause me to go into a short frenzy of some sort.

Sometimes its easy to go into a funk and over the last few days I have realized how much being in a good or no so good place can have an impact on my finances. I can think of 2 times where I felt like going out and blowing a couple hundred bucks to make myself feel better. Having been on a financial plan for the last two years have regulated much of my impulse but life always seems to happen. I have had to find other ways to deal with being overwhelmed and truth be told shopping is only a temporary fix and after the money is spend you actually still have an issue only your broker lol.

Its not easy to deal with problems head on but I have been learning that it gets easier the more you do it. Life doesn't seem so much like a crisis, and when it does it certainly doesn't last as long as it use to.

I want to be sucesful in my life and now more than ever I understand what it means to have balance and be well rounded. So my question is, has any of you ever felt your circumstances cause you to fail? Do you think spending money solves problems or help you cope better?
What methods have you used to deal with stress and being overwhelmed?

I guess when life gives you lemons you really should make lemonade!


Alonzo said...

Congratulations on your class facilitations.

I know what you mean - its often tempting to want to go out to spend money to make yourself feel better.

I've tried to get over this habit by trying to find substitutes for shopping - like exercising, reading a good book over a cup of hot chocolate, or calling a friend. All much cheaper and more effective at changing my mood =)

Divine and Debt Free said...

Yes, calling friends helps a LOT I know it has helped me over the past week.