Monday, January 11, 2010

The Biggest Loser and Before and After Faith

I couldn't sleep last night and I had this amazing urge to post something here before I laid down for good to get up at 7am for work. I know this site has to do with money and debt and stuff like that but I wouldn't be fully disclosing what this site was about if I left out how much it was about GROWTH.

I was talking to a friend sharing a story about where I started out 2 years ago and how much I had to give up in order to walk the path of debt freedom. When I got off the phone I prayed and then I laid in bed and started to remember what happen back then. I remember In January 2008 wishing God would remove me from this earth. I wasn't going to do it myself because I was to much of a chicken but I was more than happy to let God step in and take my life. As many a times he had spared my life before this time I wanted to go. It was such a hard time in my life and I remember when I signed up for FPU I said God if this don't work nothing will and thats about all I could muster. I wasn't even a very spiritual person AT ALL but I had people praying on my behalf. Its been 2 years since that time in my life and I am so happy to say im so far from where I came from. I proudly remember those times because it taught me about faith even when I had little, and it showed me what God can do even when I feel he isn't there.

Now I have dedicated my life to Christ and this life is all about faith and when I say my faith is in full force I tell you no lie. Its like the before and after of this biggest loser contestant Helen. That was then and THIS IS NOW. Look at me im healthy, im fit and I am winning in my walk with Christ when from looking at this picture of Helen you wouldn't think some things are possible but they are.

So If you are on this site and you just read because you want to know about money or debt or budgets, just know you are going to also get words of encouragement because I am 10 times better when I am encouraged by other people. So if you are struggling with a job, health, family problems or anything of the sort just hang in there. We serve an amazing awesome wonderful God and he protects us even when we don't realize. I hope I can inspire someone to share this when anybody you know is going through because all it takes is one positive person to have an affect on you. I am a strong believer of that and having positive people is just good for the soul.

I thank everyone who reads this blog and I hope you have gained something thus far, there will certainly be more to come. Until then im going to beddy bye!! LOL

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