Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Operation Organize My Life

The pile of mess you see is an accumulation of the past 4 years, doesn't look like a lot but trust me it is. Since I will be hosting financial peace university in a few weeks, I felt it was important to get my home life organized, so that I don't become overwhelmed with class, work and hair school.

The plan is to separate all my documents into important vs non important and put them all into a file. I want to get all my tax documents together as well as everything pertaining to my rental home.

This process is way over due and it makes me anxious even looking at the pile of stuff but it must be done!

How do you stay organized?


Anonymous said...

Hey lady,

I've been meaning to check out your blog for awhile and i think it is great. I am trying to do the same thing but it is so hard since I'm trying to get a job to get some income. Will call you soon to catch up.


Divine and Debt Free said...

Ms B!!! so happy to see you!! yes you must call me!!

I hear you on the job front, I will keep you in my prayers my dear!!