Saturday, January 2, 2010

Letter To a Creditor

Dear Creditor,

Its been a while since we have spoken. I know I have been avoiding your calls for some time now. You know its not that I don't want to talk to you, its just that every time one of your representatives call my house they are so rude. I know I owe you money, and I intend to pay you back, soon as I get a job and make enough money to feed my family. Last week you called my house and threatened to take me to court and garish my bank account. While I appreciate your enthusiasm Its unfortunate that you won't be collecting this time around.

You see you have fallen below the yellow line this month. I realized that when I did my budget I had to first feed my family, keep a roof over their heads, make sure they had lights and heat. When I got to the end of the money there was nothing left to give you. I do hope you understand this and don't take offense because its nothing personal, I do all my creditors this way. Now that I know my rights I won't continue to allow you to harassment me day in and day out. You can't harm my family with your tactics and you cannot convince me any longer that YOU come before them. So you say you can hurt my credit, well go ahead, turns out I won't be borrowing money ever again so I guess it doesn't even matter. I do however want you to know that I am a person of integrity and I intend to pay you back as soon as I am able to, after all I did purchase that flat screen, dvd player, digital camera and laptop with YOUR money.

Again, I thank you for calling me checking up on me and I hope to talk to you soon. Please though, don't call me I will call you......


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