Monday, December 21, 2009

See Dave Ramsey Live!! Grand Rapids, MI

Yes you heard it Dave is coming to Grand Rapids Michigan February 25th 2010 and Divine & Debt Free is gonna be there!! . I had an opportunity to attend a live event with my mom and her pastors wife and we had a good time. Get your tickets now if you plan to attend. If you want to attend the event for FREE, yes I said FREE!! sign up to volunteer on January 11th, the volunteer list is on a first come first serve basis and sign up last for a week, so if you intend on getting in on this don't wait. I have already marked my calendar!!

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Love your site. Added you to my blogroll.

Always been interested about Dave Ramsey. I've read his tapes and listened to his CDs but he seems to give just broad strokes about becoming debt free and not a lot of specifics or "meat on the bone".

What's your take. Our his live events more in depth than his books and CDs?

Divine & Debt Free said...

To be 100% honest NO! The live event is strictly to get people pumped and wanting to buy more stuff (As with any sales gimmick right).

When I first heard about Dave and listened to a tape I LAUGHED LIKE LOL is this guy foreal?? hard to believe im a big fan now compared to back then. But I was about to file bankruptcy right before I took a Financial peace class and 100 dollars over 1,000 was a no brainer and even if it did NOTHING to help my situation is was only 100 lol.

Im going to the live event to volunteer and hang with the folks that are currently in the class or on the program. They are so fun to be around and hanging with like minded people is a BLAST as well as being able to talk people into going to the program.

Financial Peace university is where the "MEAT" is as well as the support with the group when you go to an actual class. The people there were great, job leads found in class, people who became entreprenuers right from class, families bonding closer I mean 100 bucks would NOT even touch the surface of what you get. Everything is laid out for you and the folks who have been through the class have plenty tools to help you be sucessfull but you have to actually WORK the program, ie use the envelopes, join the online FREE forums, talk to people, net work get extra jobs! I did all that and the life lessons and my faith growing stronger........

I could write a book lol.

I mean when its all said and not there isn't much to the whole thing, get on a budget get a mini emergency fund, work an extra job or 3 pay off debt and promise to never go back in no matter what and give back when u get rich which I get to do NOW even though Im not near rich lol.

If thats not on your cd then call me and I can share what I know, or get enrolled in a class. It was worth it for me.

Oh sorry for the long rant!! Thank you for your support and I love your blog too!! said...

Thanks for the info. It sounds as if a big part of the program is the interaction with like minded people who can offer support and their own personal experiences.

Divine & Debt Free said...

Yep That and deciding to change your mind set about money. I think deciding just not to ever borrow money again changed the way I went about doing things. I can tell you how many times since being in the program I have thought about getting that "new" car, or financing college just because everyone thinks I need to go RIGHT NOW.

Funny thing is all these other folks telling me what to do with my funds aren't living my life.

Its crazy how we let others dictate how we think and act but thats a whole other talk show lol.