Thursday, December 24, 2009

Financial Peace University Hosted By Divine Debt Free!

It is a privilege and honor to announce your newest coordinator of Financial Peace University, ME!!!

Yup you heard it first here, I will be coordinating the first community FPU class right here in Lansing Mi. Those of you who have been with me since the beginning know how I have always talked about hosting a class, well the time has come!!

I was able to contact the manager at my apartment complex and they have agreed to holding the class at the club house, which is an amazing deal!! I am so excited to host a class because you get to watch lives change over a few months. I remember when I first joined Financial Peace University I was a hawt mess. In a few months everything became different and now I get to share my story with others live and in person!!

The class will begin Feb 2nd and run through April. I have wonderful friends who are supporting the event, Rina Risper of NEW CITIZENS PRESS will be advertising in her paper through January which is also very exciting. So if you are in the Lansing area come check us out!!


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