Saturday, December 5, 2009

Peanut Butter No Jam??

If there
is one thing I love on Fridays its the Dave Ramsey show, Debt Free Fridays. People call in every Friday to share their stories about how they got out of debt and at the end they get to scream I'M DEBT FREEEEEEE while millions of people listen In. I think the show serves as great inspiration to others going through the process. One thing I noticed In the last few years that I have listened is the number of "single" people calling In to scream, there just aren't that many.

Now don't get me wrong, Im not advocating single people run out and find someone to marry but I am saying Its got to be a different experience. I know you always here people say "its easy being single because you don't have 2 people to account for" But what about when you have NO one to hold you accountable at all?? I honestly believe "some" of my random purchases have had to do with the shear fact that no one was going to tell me "Noooooooo". I would even venture off to say I would probably be debt free already..... BUT I WON'T LOL.

My point is being a single person trying to get out of debt can be a little rough at times, so this Holiday season I am going to share a few of MY survival tips to those who are going it alone. Lets face it We need support too and the more the better!!

Tip #1 Do NOT ask people who aren't getting out of debt about debt - I know this may sound a bit harsh but really, when it comes down to it those people are always going to be on the spending money team. You need a good accountability partner who has or is experiencing paying off debt with you. They don't mean any harm but its just not a good idea to ask them to keep you on your toes.

Tip #2 Keep a blow money account no matter what - I must say this has been a downfall in my journey towards debt freedom. There are months where I am super intense and I am throwing every extra dime on debt, then there are other months where I spend more than I put on debt the month before. When you keep a blow/entertainment account you feel much less guilty about spending because its already accounted for. Don't cheat yourself in this area (I tried it). Even if there ends up being a few hundred dollars in the account, its better than dipping in to some other envelope when you get those "Im lonely so lets shop urges".

Tip #3 Use cash leave the Debit card home - This really is a universal tip and can be used single or married. I have had a major habit of spending outside my budget with my debt card in hand. I have found that when I take cash out of the atm I am more goal oriented and "focused" on what I need to purchase. I know that I better have a list because when the cash is gone, debt card at home there is nothing more you can do. I have found myself using my debt card a LOT more when I don't have a plan. It catches those cookies, cakes, and ice cream I mysteriously forgot to put on my list lol.

Tip #4 Spend more time with family and friends - The holidays can be a trying time when you are single. I have found the very best recipe for success is being around people you love. Round up some of your friends and have game night, or make a meal for them. There is a true sense of peace I find around my family and I don't often worry about "having that special someone" Because Im around lots of special someones 24-7 and most of the time thats free!!!

So these are my very best tips for singles. One thing I urge people to do is REMEMBER THIS IS ABOUT PERSONAL FINANCE meaning if you don't like it, don't try it. Not everyone will agree with my strategies and that is perfectly ok. If you have additional tips and Ideas we welcome them here at Divine and Debt Free because we want to reach as many people as possible with our message.

Happy Holidays!!


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