Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Extra Income Challenge!

Recently I was over looking my budget plans for 2010 to see how far off I was from being debt free. Turns out I need around about $6800 to be debt free by December. Thats an additional $568 a month in additional income.

I don't have anything to sell, I can't work an extra job because I will be at the salon Wednesday-Saturday. The only thing I can think of is some type of online job. I have never done any online work and I am not even sure where to look to start!

For the next couple of weeks I will looking for things to generate income. I need to have something lined by January to get the ball rolling.

If anybody has any ideas let me know!!


ms80s said...

I've been wanting to do some kind of online work too...... Maybe we can do this together.... As far as research to see what's legit and what not.... I had actually had something in my inbox last night referring to data entry.....

Divine & Debt Free said...

Yes certainly we can!!! My friend sent me an email about the "census count" in 2010, she said its working in the summer time. I will have to forward the link, its not online but hey i take everything lol

But the online stuff we most def need to work on, I will let you know what I find and post them as I get them.

Anonymous said...

This is something that I do so I know that it will work for you. I sell things for other people on Ebay. I like it because I don't have to go out and buy anything. The only thing that costs me is my time. People in general don't want to deal with the "hassle" of posting items to sell on the Internet. You can provide this service for them for a fee.

Divine & Debt Free said...

oh wow that sounds interesting, I could do something like that. Do you charge a percentage once the item sales? how does that work where do you get the people to sale from?

Thanks for the suggestion!