Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Favorite Things (Blogger Edition)

I have always wanted to be at one of Oprah's "My favorite things tapping" Unfortunately since her show is going off the air I may not make it, but thats neither here nor Chicago. Today I am hosting my very own MY FAVORITE THINGS blogger style!! Here at Divine & Debt Free we focus on all things great and inspirational. I have a few sites that I just absolutely love and you won't even need to pay tax once you click on the site, how is that for a bargain!!

So lets get started

My favorite blog #1 - ENEMYOFDEBT.COM by Brad Chaffee. He is the best motivational money coach in blog land next to Dave himself! I heart Brads blog and I can't even begin to say how much his money tips and budget tools have helped me. His writings have been featured in CNN articles and who knows what else! He has such a passion for debt freedom its not even funny!!!

My favorite blog #2 - SLICKDEALS.NET Ok so im NOT advocating going to this site until you have at least paid off half of your debt (I mean it!). I haven't actually made any purchases from here but It is fun to look at all the ridiculous deals and things I don't need and make fun of the people who buy all this crap. If your not down for the entertainment value then just click on the freebies link and have fun signing up for any and everything free.

My favorite blog/podcast #3 - MARK GUNGOR RADIO. If you just want to laugh your butt off all day this site is totally for you. He is a pastor and a marriage/relationship speaker. I love listening to him during the day and I have learned a lot about what NOT to do in a marriage. Check it out and if you don't like it....... check your closet for your sense of humor!!

My favorite blog/podcast #4 - DEBBIE CHAVEZ SHOW. Ok so its another pod cast but I just love it too. If you want to get motivation, inspiration on a Godly talk show you have GOT to listen to Debbies show. She features different authors of books, pastors and the like on her show. You can also request a book from one of her guest if you like FOR FREE, how ya like those apples.

My favorite blog #5 - DAVERAMSEY.COM This is by far the best site you will ever click on if your smart. Dave has pod cast, money tools, books, money calculators and forums for those who need a bit more motivation to get going. He also has what they call E.L.P's a.k.a endorsed local providers to help you find insurance, sell a house, council, or help with taxes. Its all free unless you choose to buy something(including the e.l.p service) even if you do its probably a really good deal!

These are all my favorite things and hope these sites can be of much use to everyone. I know my days go much smoother when I have downloaded a podcast or read something inspirational from one of these sites. If you have any sites you would like to add just let me know!!


Brad said...

Mikki, thanks for the love! What a compliment!

Keep your determination set on super speed and you will be debt free before you know it, plus you have to fill out the "official" Debt Free Questionnaire when you do! :D

Rebecca Moltrie said...

I also like Slick Deals. I like to recommend another site called It is also a great site for finding online coupons and discounts.