Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still Going Strong on The Go Green Challenge!

I have $50 dollars to my name and a friend wants me to buy knives on sale, arggggg!!

This week I haven't done any huge spending but it still adds up.

$11 contribution to baby shower gift
$5 mail off papers for the sale of my home
$20 gas
$6 hair care items

I have been doing a great job eating in, which has now become the easy part. There is a softball game on Wednesday I have to pay $6 for, and the baby shower/potluck on Thursday which I have no idea what my food contribution will be.

Im trying to be veeeeeeeeeery careful with what I have left, does anyone believe I can make it 2 whole weeks on $50 bucks? assuming I don't spend any this weekend! Oh and I have to get my news paper for my coupons!! *goes to change jar*

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