Saturday, June 19, 2010

My $25 Dollar Living Room!

So my living room is 95% complete thanks to my mother who is queen of bargain shopping. This whole room has been empty (minus the tv and stand) for almost a year up until now. When I moved into my place I had nothing, zippo, zilch, nada. This was my first place since living in a college apartment complex with roommates, furniture and drama included lol.

I was so happy to have my own place, that I didn't even need furniture I was just happy to be living on my own again. Last year was a very trying time in regards to becoming debt free, I had very bad credit so not too many people would rent to me, and I lived with 2 other girls which I can safely say they were the spawn of Satan no kidding!! But looking back through the sacrifice I mad it and now slowly coming full circle.

This living room is very important to me because it represents my sacrifice and testimony in that when you WAIT things will eventually fall into place. There has been many a days when I wanted to just say bunk it and buy all new furniture and go nuts at ikea or something but I held back. Funny thing is I prayed for furniture that wouldn't cost me and well God hears ALL prayers because 2 months after I prayed that prayer it came to pass! My living room needs a few more touches but the bulk of it is complete and I am so very proud and thankful for my momma and her looking out for me. So here is the break down of cost, who says you can't design on a dime!!

Couch - Free from which is a website were people just give stuff away. The couch came in almost like new condition and all I did was brought new stuffing for the pillows and re-stuffed them.

Chairs - Free from a friend of a co-worker. There are 6 chairs total which I have sitting at the table I brought from a yard sale a while back ago. Eventually I want to buy a nice set but for now it works!

Coffee table- $5 bucks at a yard sale. My mom found this table and its actually a super cool table that the people purchased from Ikea. Its my favorite part of the whole room.

Tv stand - $20 walmart- my ex boyfriend gave me the t.v and I refuse to purchase a new tv right now but when I am debt free its on and popping!

Eventually I want to buy a rug, and hang some pictures, and wall art, so how did we do?

(the view outside my window)

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Redbonegirl97 said...

Cool beans, happy for your inexpensive investment.

Peace, Love and Chocolate