Saturday, June 12, 2010

My food budget is almost gone

So as you know I have been working my go green challenge and to my dismay, I only have a couple bucks left in my food budget. You might be wondering how did you blow $200 in 12 days right? I know it kinda sounds obsurd but healthy food cost a lot more money which is what I have been eating a LOT of. On top of that since I haven't cooked in ages my pantry was pretty bare, leaving me to basically need to buy a bunch of staple items. Fortunately now that I will commit to cooking on a regular basis I won't have to buy so much stuff each time I make a trip to the store. I am going to try to stretch these last few bucks but in the mean time I am going to work on saving for the next trip.

Which leads me to I came across this site while browsing Debt Kicking Mama's popular blogs list. I have always known about coupon mom but figure it would be too much work to try to "Save". However my mind is changing quickly the more my food budget dwindles down. So this weekend I am going to spend some time discovering how this coupon thing works. I will post my progress so that people can see it really works. I won't actually start using the system until July which is when I can replenish my food account.

Stay tuned!

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Young Mogul said...

You can do it! If you've already bought your staples, you should be able to cook for most meals.