Sunday, June 13, 2010

Go Green Day 13 ***Update***

Yesterday I dipped into the gas budget for a graduation party yikes!!! I took $25 dollars out of it and I promise it won't happen again!

So here is what the rest of the weekend looked like

$20 to take 2 children and myself to see karate kid, great movie by the way!
$12 dollars at Mcdonalds - They had happy meals and I had some salads which I brought extra for later.
$5 at the hallmark store for a hoops and yoyo graduation card (I love hoops and yoyo everything)

$1.50 for a Sunday paper so I can start my couponing adventure.


Everyday Tips said...

Hey Divine- ya gotta live too! Besides, everyone dips into the budget for unexpected expenses, they just don't 'own up to it' like you are doing. (which is fun by the way)

I love my coupons - but you can get that paper for a dollar at many places! On days with great coupons, buy a few of those papers. It will really pay off in future savings!

Divine and Debt Free said...

lol, well I find no real harm in giving as long as I have it to give and it went to a great person. A young man who just graduated from high school. Him and his sister are from the congo in South Africa and were refugees. There whole family was killed back in Africa so for them to be in America doing so well is such a blessing from God. They are such great people and when you see them they are always smiling!!

Thanks for the tip about the paper and coupons!! This couponing thing is new so Im excited about collecting!

I been writing my grocery list for the month of July!! Next time I will get more than one paper!