Thursday, June 24, 2010

Go Green 'Money cometh my way"

Its a funny thing how God works!! Yesterday I had put the last of my go green challenge money into the gas tank, all $13 dollars. The day before I had spent $20 bucks on a new outfit and the plan was to not eat out for the next 7 days! Well low and behold yesterday I recieved $80 dollars!!! It was totally unexpected but perfect timing. I ended up using half of the $80 to take my 2 girlfriends to dinner and I do have plans for the other $40 bucks but im going to try to be as wise as possible with it.
So over the last couple weeks I have received a total of $125 semi extra dollars!! Getting all this money has reminded me a lot of the old days when I use to budget and what Dave Ramsey would refer to as "found money" when you have a plan for your money, you always end up with extra or more some how. When I use to budget that was always proven to be true so its nice to have the feeling back. So with the help of loving people my go green challenge just may be a success!! stay tuned!!

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Everyday Tips said...

Hey, that is great you got more found money, and that you got a new outfit for 20 bucks.

Keep up the good work!