Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Go Green Day 1 ***Update***

Alright the budget is finished!!!

Young Mogul from Mogul In Training
was SOOOOO brave enough to join me on this challenge and I am super excited about having a partner in this!!! Its not to late to join in on the excitement. For all of you who think this is something just as simple as not using credit/or debit cards its not. Its about planning ahead, budgeting and exploring ways to have fun on a budget.

I pulled out my old Dave Ramsey envelope system to help me track my spending.

Rules :

1. No atm or bank transactions (except for emergencies *gas*)

2. No using the debt card

3. No co mingling of funds (basically once the blow money is gone im hit!)

I have taken out $450 dollars and the break down is this

$150 for gas

$200 food - I plan to cook this entire time with a couple of exceptions for traveling

$100 Misc - This includes any randomness which the day has just begun and already shelled out 5 bucks for something to do at work and also my co-worker is talking about a baby shower so I have to buy a gift (might make one lol)

I purposefully padded the gas and food budget, because I tend to travel on whims to cities 45 min to an hour away at times usually its back home to Detroit. Hopefully there will be money left over, which means most of my time is being spend cooking my own meals and hanging out at the clubhouse pool entertaining myself.

Im going to try to do updates daily here and on facebook.

Here we Go!!!! (got my go green t-shirt on)


Everyday Tips said...

What a great idea! I wish I could join your challenge, but my spending is so darn variable with the kids.

I look forward to your updates and hope you find a lot of savings from it!

Divine and Debt Free said...

Awww I do understand with the kids, you will be missed !!!

I certainly will keep everyone posted! I pray I can save too!