Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Go Green Day 2

Wow yesterday was interesting, I purposefully asked for small bills at the bank so that if anything random came about I wouldn't constantly be breaking bills. God is good and he has worked things out. Its amazing what you find to spend money on! None the less the show must go on.....

Its gonna be a rocky week if I don't find time to grocery shop which is a key element in this program. I could go before bible study today, even though it might be a little rushed. I would have to get my grocery list done at work. I don't want to go in the store without a game plan otherwise I will end up forgetting things, and needing to return multiple times during the week which I would like to avoid.

I am going to (today) make a meal plan so I will know exactly what I need from the store to make the meals.

Here is how money was spent yesterday

$5 - A group of us co-workers brought flowers for my old boss who lost her mother over the holiday.

$3 - side salad and baked potato at wendys

$7 - A book I have been wanting to purchase that was on sale for half off!!

Grand total spend on day 1 $15 dollars

This isn't bad considering what a normal day looks like which would be like $20 bucks on fast food alone.

I am already making progress because this could have EASILY BEEN 3 debit card transactions. Im loving cash already!!!!


Young Mogul said...

My friend and I got another convert. He's a coworker, and although he will be starting the 'Go Green' Challenge a day late, he has agreed to join in!

We got another one, LOL.

Divine and Debt Free said...