Tuesday, May 18, 2010

48 Days to the Work you Love

Today I had the privilege of taking part in an opportunity to advance the way we do business in our current department. We met with a large payroll service company which I am responsible for in my everyday obligations. The meeting was very informative and since I was the one responsible for the day to day task my boss allowed me to ask all the questions I needed too. During the 3 hours my brain got to churning, and I began to think of ways that I could possibly advance my career/job.

I have worked in the government sector for 5 years now. While its definitely job security especially in our Michigan economy, I must say its not my dream job. Over the years I have heard people say "you have a great job" Yes being employed is great, but while it pays the bills its certainly not my "Calling". I have for the longest time been afraid to step out because my job was so "secure" so to speak, but today I started to wonder. What if I stepped out in faith and tried something new?

I have plenty free spirited friends who can go from one thing to another and I admit that has NEVER been my style even though I admire it, it would scare the dickens out of me. I am a planner and I always have to have something "lined up" before I can go on to the next thing. In fact I will say part of the reason I have been so dedicated to becoming debt free was so that I could free up my opportunities to do what I wanted. I have always wanted to be a real estate agent yet with the unstable income and a pile of debt, that was a no go. I have always loved the idea of freedom that being debt free gives you. I mean I know now exactly what it takes for me to live on, and if I had no debt I could survive starting my own company, or perusing something I really loved!!!

Anways my point was to say, today I found an opportunity to step out and I am thinking of taking it. The company that visited us is currently implementing a new system that could REALLY use my expertise. Not only could I end up doing more of what I enjoy, I might even get a raise in the process. Studies show that most people are hired by knowing someone, not by checking yahoo jobs (even thought that helps). So my goal is to read a few books (one will be 48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller) about how to get a job and to research the company I would like to work for and see where it leads me...

You never know unless you try, right?? Has debt kept you from pursuing a dream?


Money Reasons said...

Yes, I've lived my life to conservatively!
By conservatively, I mean I didn't take much risk since I was in debt. But now that I'm out, I feel free to be more risky with my employment

Everyday Tips said...

Its interesting how people perceive a 'dream job'. I also had a dream job because I worked from home and was part time. Yes, those aspects were nice, but the work itself was very stressful.

Debt and regular financial obligations keeps my husband from pursuing his dreams every day. It is a bummer, but not all 'dream jobs' can pay the bills, unfortunately.

Good luck!!!

Divine and Debt Free said...

Money Reasons thats, what im hoping debt freedom gives me!!

Kris, I have always heard people say you work harder when you work for yourself so I totally get where you are coming from.

I just always wanted an opportunity to just do things on a whim regarding my employment a few years back. Not nessesarily working for myself but pursuing different things, or even leaving the State for a change of pace, but I didn't want my debt to follow me lol....

When Im debt free with my emergency fund I would have no problem making a transition from one job to another or one State to another. The planner in me always has to have "something" In the works though, its just the way my brain is wired.

thanks for the feedback!

YBP said...

We thought this was a good read and beneficial to those who visit our site, so we posted a link to it. We just wanted you to know. Keep striving and listening to your spirit's desires.

From your YBP family,