Saturday, May 8, 2010

Goal Setting, Work and other Randomness.

I haven't been able to post much as of late, due to crazy schedules and facebook (I'm addicted what can I say). But I obviously need to start making more time to post even while I'm so called busy, because you just never know who might benefit from something I write.

So here are a couple things that I am working on in conjunction with becoming debt free. I have accepted the fact that unless I hit the lotto I will be pushing onto the three year mark of becoming debt free. I was really disappointed in myself at first but then I recounted my progress and decided that it not as bad as it looks. This year I have paid of around 6,000 in debt soon to be 8,000 come June. Purchased a car with cash, and still remained sane through it all!!! I don't keep a super strict budget like I use to hence the reason my food bill is over $900 since the beginning of the year don't worry though I did buy lots of healthy food!! I have fasted 2 times this year and so changing to a vegan diet contributes to higher grocery bills which is funny to me. (segway)

As I continue to press towards debt freedom, I have become more active in other area's of life. This includes spending more time with friends, and becoming more disciplined in my work schedule. Since I was able to choose vacation time vs pay during overtime at work I have been working super hard. My goal is by late June I will have accumulated 125 hours worth of vacation time. This is a big deal since I haven't had a real vacation in YEARS!! I can't wait to take a long guilt free paid for vacation next year. My days now consist of waking up at 5am to be at work by 6:30am and I work every day until 6pm. This will continue until May 22nd. Once overtime is done I still have to maintain perfect attendance. I don't have any trips planned until my birthday and they are small trips which shouldn't cost much and both involve the weekends so I won't be needing any days off work for them.

FPU will be over in 2 weeks should have been over 3 weeks ago but I extended it due to schedule conflicts. Even though it has lasted longer than it should have, I have had a wonderful time hosting it. My students have been wonderful and I am excited about doing my second one before the year is out. I still have one student who thinks she can invest while having a $25,000 car with payments on it. I hope she soon comes to the light and either dumps the car, or pays it off with savings (that I know she has) my goal is to eventually show her how life can be with NO PAYMENTS.

Its been a great year for growth as I probably have said a million times, but it really has. I look back over the last two years and understand that this whole process has been life changing. This year has been mostly about spiritual growth more than anything and my attitude towards life. I enjoy going to work (most days) and I look forward to each day now.

I am so excited about the future and always imagine what life will be when I finally get to the other side. Life is good now but wow its gonna be so much better when there is no debt hanging over my head. Now that you have listen to me ramble on...... What changes have you made this year, that contribute to your over all growth and progress.


Young Mogul said...

Great for you! My next car purchase will be cash also. I have already vowed that I will not get another car until I can pay for it cash.

Divine and Debt Free said...

God job Young Mogul. Since owning 2 paid for cars in a three 2.5 year period I have realized how easy it is to keep from going back to payments.

I think the whole retire rich, free car thing Dave Ramsey thing is pretty true. The car I have now is worth more than I paid for it. I think as long as I continue to buy cars worth more than I pay I can always upgrade to something newer with cash after the sale of my old car.

It really won't be long until im driving my paid for benz!

ms80s said...

@Mik...U already know I'm bout to be on you about this VACATION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I mean it missy!!!! Build that time up!!!!

Divine and Debt Free said...

So far so good!! 80's!!