Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adventures of Me On The Way To Debt Free

After reading comments on my last post about hidden talents, I was inspired by a few bloggers to test drive one of my "hidden gifts" I always wanted to be a writer but never knew what I would write about, at least something that people would be interested in. But today I realized, it doesn't matter who is interested!! I can do it for fun! So today is my very first post for my book idea. I wanted to write a book about my everyday adventures. The idea came about when I was telling a story to a friend about something that happened to me one day. She said to me "you always have a good story" I mean they sound funny when Im telling them (to us at least lol) but I wonder how the stories would come across on paper.... I think I would end each story with a lesson about Gods goodness. So here it goes!!

Breast Milk R Us

If anyone knows anything about me, its that I love parties. Not just regular parties, I mean parties with a purpose, ie super bowl, weddings, baby showers ect.... Well the other day I was at a friends wedding party (picture above) and there were people of all ages, children, grandparents, friends n such. We were having a great time and the weather was just right. So the day progresses and I catch me a comfy seat on the couch to watch some tv. Then this lady walks up outta no where n says " my milk, my babys milk is gone" we proceeded to question her about the type of milk she had lost. You know these days women hardly ever breast feed babies so color us surprised when she answered it was my breast milk" I just about died laughing. The married couple are young and always on the go so the chances of them having "any" milk in the frig would be highly unlikely let alone some random container with no label that looks like a light white watery looking substance.

So we gather that someone at the party needed milk for coffee and just grabbed the first thing they saw. The mom stands in astonishment and eventually says "Well at least there is more where that came from!" I spent the rest of that day being introduced to random guys in efforts to play match maker" needless to say that didn't go to well and it got worse when someone yelled out "her toes are hot and she has a great smile!" talk about embarrassed? Never let a day go by without having your toes talked about right?

The End

Until next time.....


Young Mogul said...

Well, a few years ago I saw an episode of 'The Simple Life' (yes, the reality show with Nicole and Paris *hangs head in shame*). In the episode, they had to work on a farm and milk cows. While they were trying to attach the milking contraption, the cows were pooing all over EVERYTHING--including their hands and the milking machine.

At that point, I concluded that milk is the most disgusting food on the planet (even though I still drink it). If anyone can drink cow's milk, which most likely contains fecal bacteria before it is pasteurized, then, they can surely drink breast milk.

Gross story, I know....

Divine and Debt Free said...

awww yuck!!!

praise the lord for Soy milk lol