Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Spender Summertime Fever, How do you cope

If you are wondering what this is, its a picture of a boat I was tempted to purchase (details later...)

Summer time rolls around and if you are like me and live in a cold state, you feel like a kid in the candy store when the weather finally breaks. You think of a million things you could do with money when the forecast starts being consistently above 70 degrees and sunny. But what do you do when you are trying to become debt free, and be a gazelle? Let me tell you it can be challenging.

By the grace of God this WILL be my last summer in debt, however the last two summers have been quite the challenge. I have been able to take a few small trips here and there, but other than that my summers have consisted of keeping things to a bare minimum. Is it hard? Oh yes!! Especially when you hear about your friends going on cruises, and shopping for summer clothes, and being at EVERY summer concert.

Today I was able to have an experience that, helped me realize that my time certainly will come. I mean after all if you didn't "live like no one else" how could you ever eventually get to "live like no one else"? I was out and about taking my lunch break today and decided that I would visit the local marina boat shop. The sales person didn't waste ANY time attempting to sell me the "Best boat". Turns out I don't have $9,500 in my back pocket.... duh.... I asked the guy to show me a less expensive boat,and low and behold that picture you see is that boat!! Funny right??

Ironically I could have paid cash for that boat and got it at a real deal. Its not much of a looker but who did I need to impress on the lake? All I wanna do is relax on some water without being limited so some orange cones and only getting 15 minutes of peace (the paddle boats at the lake).

Needless to say I didn't get the boat (thank God) but having the "fever" to make a purchase that large without being debt free really shook me. I mean, all I would have ended up with was a dumpy boat, and guilt from not using that money to pay down debt. Sounds silly and most people if given the opportunity probably would have went into debt for the boat. But I had to see the bigger picture. I still do want a boat, but I know there will come a time where I can not only pay cash but it will be a much nicer boat. Not one that looks like its been resurrected from the dead.

Anyways, it was a lesson about patience and understanding that most things aren't needs they are wants and they all have a time and place. So how have you been able to cope with not being able to make big purchases OR do you just buy and deal with the consequences later? Does summertime put you in a mood to spend???

I just wonder.....

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Young Mogul said...

I don't know...finding the Personal Finance blogs and starting my own has really curved my "cravings".

I get inspiration and a jolt of energy from all of you and our NOT purchasing the way other people get a high from theirs and their friends' purchases, I guess *Shrugs* I'm fine with my lifestyle...but I must admit, though, it may be because I have not felt deprived YET. I know that feeling of deprivation will hit me eventually. It will be interesting to see how I'll cope. Of course, I'll blog about it.