Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dave Ramsey and Hidden Talents

The above picture was taken by me at my apartment complex when a friend discovered she wanted to relive her high school graduation days and take "senior" pictures. We had a blast and I realized I make a good photographer too!! I enjoy doing lots of things as I consider my self a jack of many trades but taking these pictures awakened a different kind of feeling that I had not experienced in other endeavors (except real estate). I do not know what will come of this, heck it may end up just being a fun little hobby and a great way to help some friends who enjoy taking pictures or it could become a business. Either way I thank God for allowing me to discover fun facts about myself. Each day he reminds me of how special I am.

Do you have any talents that most don't know about? Would you make a business out of something you considered a hobby? What ideas have you come up with to make extra cash?


nellyru said...

I would love to someday sell baked goods.
But I've also thought of crochet/knit crafts too!
Both are things I enjoy and am pretty good at!
Photography is a great hobby and deffinetly something that you can make a little extra money and have fun with! Go for it! Give it a try!! :)

Redbonegirl97 said...

I crack up laughing at all the things that people say that I should go into business doing. I am just not motivated enough to get the stuff done, nor do I have the funds to get the dreams started.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Divine and Debt Free said...

nellyru I can make a mean chocolate box cake lol. Other than that im hopeless in that area. You would be amazed at how businesses started out as hobby turned millions!

Tiffany it doesn't cost a lot to get up n running, throw some ideas at me and lemmie see what I could come up with!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have two hobbies that I really enjoy. With one of my talents, I used to make quite a bit of money.

1) Baton Twirling instructor. Some of my college tuition was paid by the university for me to twirl on their squad. (I'm not kidding). 100 years ago, I was a state & regional baton twirling champion. During my college days I would travel throughout Tennessee and teach at twirling camps during the summer. I made between $20 - $40 bucks an hour, which was much better than working at a fast food restaurant. Over the years, I have taught on and off to make extra cash. In fact, I just submitted a proposal to a high school last week to teach a private camp. If it works out I'll make $1,250 for 24 hours of instuction (4 day camp). I really miss twirling so I hope I get the job.

2) Selling things on Ebay. It's a great way to make some extra cash.

Divine and Debt Free said...

Wow that's a lot of money!! And a super cool talent! I will be keeping you in prayer for that job. I have no idea why I'm so intimidated by eBay, I could never bring myself to go through the process of selling something. I do wichita I would get over the fear because I could get debt free selling all my moms stuff lol.

Thanks for commenting!

Young Mogul said...

I love writing! I would love to be able to make a living at it.

Everyday Tips said...

One good thing about photography is that there are a lot of things you can do with it. I know a guy that started with a hobby in photographer and he just had a photo show in Downtown Detroit last winter. He loves it. Don't know how much he makes from it now, but he is really building a reputation for itself.

I am kind of doing my dream right now with writing. It is something I always thought of doing, but I have no idea if anyone likes what I write! That's what is great about the internet, you can put things out to the public very inexpensively.

Good luck!!!

Divine and Debt Free said...

I love to write as well !! I had one "real" book idea and some day I may start contributing too it but im not sure how people would respond to it.

I wanted to write all the funny things that have happen through my everyday living. Its always funny how I make an ordinary day turn interesting. It would be cool to put that into a book form. I might start it here on the blog to test drive it even!!

ah the birth of an idea!