Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Murphy Rears Its Ugly HEAD!!

I would like to preface this post with "its totally my fault" before I go into detail with what happen so I don't get sympathy cards n such lol.

It all started 3 weeks ago when I heard a ticking noise in my car. I had intended to get it checked out but the sound went away. So I did what lazy people do FORGET ABOUT IT. Fast forward today I find out I blew my engine!!!! I usually am good about taking care of my car but I have been so engulfed in the rest of life that maintenance on my car was so far from my mind.

Prayerfully the car will be fixed because I refuse to by a beater im clueless about and I have fallen in love with my busted engine car. I figure im almost debt free and I will have to come out of pocket either buy getting another beater or fixing the one I have. I figure if I can fix the one I have I would feel better about it. Its been interesting though to hear peoples opinions about what I should do. I have heard everything from junk my current car, to get a loan for a new one.

My conclusion is that life is so much easier when you have the money to take care of life's little opposes. I remember when Dave ramsey talked about how when you are broke everything seems to go into drama mode and crisis overload. With my emergency fund in place I have been able to sit and think rationally about the solution and seek counsel about my choices. My friends have all been very supportive in this time so when I get back rolling I am going to do something for all of them that have made sure I don't get overwhelmed with my car troubles.

I learn more everyday that God is so amazing and he really loves me sometimes more than my little brain can fathom. Im so happy and grateful for lessons, even the hard ones that you think after 2 years of playing the money game you would get! But hey im human and I make mistakes too!!

So with all this said I can not stress the importance of having an emergency fund. It can keep you from really going insane literally !


ms80sbaby said...

I totally agree....I was just going over a friend's budget with her on Sunday and I kept mentioning the importance of getting an emergency fund started. Unfortunately she has some credit card debt. So I started inquiring about the types of charges she was making on these credit cards...And she mentioned it was car issues and other unexpected items.

I had to give her my testimony that in January I had to get 4 new tires and in March I had to get new brakes. Probably spent about 800 but the important thing was that I wasn't even phased about the unexpected expenses because I knew I had the money to get it taken care of.

In her case she's realized that she was living beyond her means and now she's pretty much paying for it because she's playing catch up and living within her means now...But I'm happy that she's on the right track to getting it together.

Divine and Debt Free said...

Thats so good you are able to show her what needs to be done. Well all got have that ehem!! moment and I feel like im doing my friends a disservice when I dont say "girl you doing to murch!"

I am so thankful I have the money to fix my car or get a new one because if I didn't I was be a hot heezy mess!!

I see you on fb working out!! lets get it!!!