Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Impulsive Spending

I have come to the conclusion that for the next 8 months this blog will revolve much around me finishing up getting out of debt. Last week I thought ok I need something fresh and new every day but I realized that my journey can sometimes be enough food for thought for some of you people out there. Again I always want to share new info and I will, but I created this blog to journal what happens to me while becoming debt free, so if I start to seem self absorbent thats because I am at this point in my journey and hopefully my thoughts, ideas or mistakes can inspire another.

With that said, I will blog more and more about each day verse trying to find something new and fresh, I mean my life really isn't THAT boring lol.

So yesterday my computer crashed for the 100th time since God knows when. I brought this dell inspirion back in 2003 I do believe ( actually let me go check my credit report "pause") found it "date opened 2004". Wow that was 6 years ago! seems like longer but 6 is enough years to be having the same computer even better the same LAPTOP because they just don't hold that much info. At any rate me and this laptop have gone through it. I feel like I did when I got my first cabbage patch doll (her name was Wendy). I took her everywhere and I traveled a lot when I was a kid to visit my dads side of the family in Arizona. There was this one time Wendys arm ripped, and I almost lost it. I remember yelling to my auntie "What are we gonna do!" I couldn't be without my doll for a moment because she was my best friend. My aunt as talented as she was sewed the arm back on and it was like she was a brand new doll again. Bad analogy I know. Yesterday when it crashed however I was fed up, I had just gotten the rent check from my tenant and I was ready to head to walmart and spend a minimum of $300 on a new computer and I really didn't care what it was. All I knew was I WAS SICK of the thing breaking down on me randomly.

So while im trying to see if the thing is really crashed (real blue screen or fluke) I realized it was almost time for my fpu class. Walmart will have to wait. So I head to class and by the time it was over I had realized there was no need to buy a new computer. The lesson Tuesday night wasn't even about spending, it was about creditors and totally unrelated to my dilemma, however the 2 hours gave me time to think about a few things.

1. I had a recovery cd, plus the driver cd to reinstall everything without a hitch at work I just need to wait to get it.

2. The same computer repair people I have been going to have been fixing my problems for FREE and I have been there at least 3 or 4 times not only getting free help but additional help above and beyond what I came there for that could easily amount to $500 bucks or more.

3. Had I rushed to walmart I probably would have gotten something I wasn't completely happy with and would have been mad I wasted money and didn't get what I wanted because of my lack of patience.

4. I realized there wasn't REALLY anything of major importance I needed to do on the computer other than blog and play on facebook which I can do with my iphone turned itouch.

Lastly I remembered debt freedom is only 8 months away and when this is all done I can take time to get something I really want after all whats another 8 months if its already been this long right. I have learned over the last two years that the things we tend to dramatize most of the time really isn't that dramatic as they appear to be. Even more so we feed into drama by sharing our "Crisis" with others so they can feed into OUR dramatics even more making it seem once again more valid than it really is. The more I work the program the more I have learned to think first before acting which hey if you don't it can cost you more than you anticipate. Its kinda like my co-worker who said she needed a new car the other day because her windshield wiper motor when out..... um that can be fix lol

Today my computer is back up and running with no cost to me other than about 10 minutes of my time. What do you think about being impulsive ?


bradbledsoe said...

I know all about Impulsive! Good job on holding out. I'm saving to get one of those fancy IPAD's once the 3G model comes out.

I'm a Computer tech so ask if you got questions. I may know

Divine and Debt Free said...

Hey wow thanks Brad!! since you brought up questions let me ask you one!

I reinstalled my drivers and the windows xp cd. When it comes time to install the service packs I can't.

When my computer crashed before, I wasn't able to install my programs like flash player adobe and some other things without those updates.

right now the computer is set up on auto update but so far it still won't download the service pack it just keeps saying "Failed"

so the only thing I can do on here is be on the net. Got any ideas?

Amy said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I just started tracking my journey out of debt as well. I love finding people just like you who are paving the way. Thanks for your example and inspiration. You can follow my story at will for sure continue to follow you!!!!

Divine and Debt Free said...

Thank you Amy I am going to check you out!! I also love finding other people that are like minded and sharing success stories!

we need encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Regarding the failed service pack install; You can try to download the SP from microsoft and run it manually.

If that doesn't work the just re-restore! :) Something probably glitched during the install...

Remember to start building a sinking fund for your new system!

Divine and Debt Free said...

Thank you, I will certainly use those tips! I need all the help I can get!