Monday, March 29, 2010

Back In Motion

Its Monday and I am finally back in the swing of things!! These last two weeks have been very interesting to say the least! I just ended a 12 day fast on Friday and boy was it good! Though I wasn't able to complete the full 21 days, I did gain a lot from it as there was a LOT of prayer involved. More than prayer however I had to prepare a lot of my own foods and basically slooooooow down!!

The two weeks amazingly allowed me to get proper rest, and just take time to reflect on what has been taking place in my life. I kept a journal of prayers over the two weeks which I will share sometime this week. Probably not the whole thing because its lengthy but I can take a few out that I think I should share.

I feel like since I was able to complete the 12 days the next time I do this again, I should be able to go all the way. There were some days that ended up being more challenging than others but for the most part each day! I can't say that while I fasted for those 12 days did I have one bad day! I felt good and the days at work went good. I have learned there is power in prayer if are consistent.

As for my debt snowball, I am still hanging in there! My car went fritzy on me over the weekend and today I am going to have it looked at. I pray it doesn't cost much to fix because right now I need all my funds for my DEBT!!! Anyways I am glad to really be back and share with you guys again, thanks for being patient and I look forward to new beginnings!!

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