Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Facebook and its annoyances

I have to admit, after taking a break from facebook, deleting people, blocking folks and hiding things, people still find a way to say things that bug me.

I happen to be a babe in Christ, just rededicated my life last summer. I don't claim to know half of anything but I am learning everyday. Today I was on facebook however and someone said something that I wanted to respond to because previous times I had been "wondering" myself. Of course it all had to do with dating and finding a husband.....

For a while I had been obsessed with the idea until recently when I had my come to Jesus moment. Now granted every bodies moments come at different times, but I sincerely wanted it to come sooner for this person so they could experience the same happiness I had. But after my so kind, yet cliche words but TRUE, that person tore the comment down and sealed it with an "i feel you though" Now I USED to be that coat it with sugar type and leave it be, but more and more the sugar is getting bitter and I have more of a desire to keep it all the way real and not let someone words be the end all be all. Now don't get me wrong I haven't been mean or anything, but I had to let them know I meant EXACTLY what I said totally from the heart.

I believe God will one day send me a husband, but I also realize I HAVE to work on me. For all I know my husband may not even have debt, he could be a millionaire who knows. I have learned over the last few weeks that im not as "dateable" as I had liked to believe. A hard lesson but true one. I don't believe I need to be perfect but better YES.

How all this relates to finance..... it doesn't but im just saying

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