Monday, August 16, 2010

Michael Jackson & My Debt Snowball

Today I was looking over my budget and I have to be truthful with my fellow bloggers and say its not looking to good!!! Originally I thought I would be ok bringing in the new year with a little bit of debt but that debt free date keeps going futher and further out. I have been spending a lot, and putting very little towards my snowball with the excuse being "wait til my home is sold" but my house is having less and less to do with my other remaining debt. When I saw that debt free date being pushed closer to march I started to freak out. Hey its been almost 3 years now and this has gone on longer than need be and its time to REALLY kick it in to gear.

Soooooooo (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!) I am going to get a second job (REALLY THIS TIME). I am so ready to be done with this debt and move on with life and I am at the point where I am ready to do what it takes. I took a lot of time off in between due to burn out and ever since I have been plinking away at my debt. Have I done well? Oh yes no doubt!! but I need to bring it on home and wrap it up!!! I realize the more I piddle away the more depressed I get because nothing is happening.

I have about 4 news papers that have been piling up on my door step since the weekend and I am going to plug away until I find something. I need an extra $6,000 to be debt free by year end which is somewhere betweeen $600-$700 every two weeks give or take. I am ready to put this debt to sleep for good and the time is gonna be now!!!!!

Has anything been keeping you from moving faster in your snowball, or are you having a hard time getting started... Let me know!


Young Mogul said...

I have been considering a second job to cover my relocation costs. It's a real option for me, but I dread it because I always get so burned out from it.

Divine and Debt Free said...

Trust me I dred it too but, I honestly feel like if I don't my snowball is gonna drag out another 6 months past my 18th due date of debt free lol.

Has nothing to do with me being hard on myself but everything to do with moving on, and stepping out of my semi depression. I want to take trips, I want to shop, save invest and give more but I can't do any of it without the guilt of my remaining debt.

I could tighten up my budget a lot and go back to strict beans and rice but with no overtime it still only yields me 8,000 which all the beans and rice won't get me debt free by December so Im honestly going to try to get a job, its only for a few months!

If you do it, do it because it truly will help you move faster.