Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its Possible To Get out of Debt (IF you want it)

I remember a while back ago having a conversation with a friend of mine about getting out of debt. His exact words to me were "the government is designed to keep you down and as long as you make minimum wage you will never get out of debt". While I understood what he was saying, only part of his statement was true.

First I must say the government has nothing to do with your life as a whole. They don't decide where you work, where you live, or what you do with your money. It baffles me when I hear people talk about what the government can and will do for me. I also hear stories about how medicare constantly screws people over, and how you can only buy foods on a "list" with your food stamps. I remember going to the grocery store one day with my mom and as we checked out we stood behind a woman who was dressed to the nine, with all the name brand foods in her cart, and she whipped out a load of food stamps. At the time all my mom could afford was a loaf of bread and some off brand cereal.

That day still stands out in my mind, when I think about government assistance. Now days me and my friends bawk at how people so called "Get over" on the system but how nice do you really think those people live? My guess is NOT as great as it looks. I decided long ago that as nice as it SEEMED to be, I still didn't want to allow the government to dictate my life.

As far as people making minimum wage, my friend was right. YOU can't become debt free working for pennies, but you also can't become debt free if you are constantly doing broke people things like getting pay day advances, and renting to own stuff. Becoming debt free is a personal choice and if its something you really want NOTHING can stop you. I have done a LOT of not so hot things to get out of debt that the average Joe would call crazy, like living with 3 girls to save money, buying furniture second, third and fourth hand, watching a 19"inch t.v with no cable for 3 years and driving a beater. CRAZY RIGHT? NOT AT ALL. These are just a few sacrifices I have made to eventually get to live like no one else. Right now I don't live lavish but one day I will have nice things that I pay cash for.

So for those of you who think it can't be done I am living proof that it can. Will it take a while? Maybe but when its over you will be glad you made the choice.

So I say to you, how bad do you want it?


nellyru said...

Well said! :)

Young Mogul said...

Great post! You could have also named this post, 'Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Life and Finances'. I get so sick and tired of people talking about the man holding them down. Everyone's life is their own to make of it whatever they choose.

Divine and Debt Free said...

Thanks guys, my best friend was bragging about how she was going to get government assistance for her cell phone..... "Blank stare"

Cash Only Living said...

You hit it right on the head...whether people are milking the welfare system or dealing drugs, even though they *seem* to have it made, if you look at their overall lifestyle it is usually pretty lousy. I'll keep my frugal yet happy lifestyle any day. Good post!