Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Be a Debbie Downer!

Occasionally I like to venture off to my favorite blogs and read up on the latest topics. I have a few on the issue of marriage, relationships, and faith, but most of them are about debt. While I was browsing I happen to check out a blog titled "paying off debt is a pain in the butt" by money plan sos The post itself was great and even most of the comments until I got to the very end to read what another person wrote. Usually I don't get worked up about comments because everyone is entitled to their own opinion but some things can just be left between you and your thoughts. The comment read "we are debt free, however our taxes are slightly higher than our mortgage payment. Unfortunately even when your out of debt you still have debt"

For some odd reason that statement just rubbed me the wrong way. On one hand you are celebrating being debt free COMPLETELY but then you are basically saying you still never get out?? I personally don't consider property taxes to be debt, but more as paying your due diligence. Like a child not getting paid to clean there room or take out the trash, hey its just what you do because you are part of this family. The statement also didn't seem to encourage others because its like hey if you are gonna technically be in debt anyway you may as well stay there right? I dunno maybe I am being pesky but its not something I want to hear when im working my butt off myself to become debt free and you say "hey mikki there really ISN'T a light at the end of the tunnel that was just me flickering my key chain lol"

I try not to be a debbie downer myself and really its something you have to practice on a regular basis. After reading that I am more motivated to watch what I say. Have you ever encountered a person who could always find the negative in something?

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Young Mogul said...

The sad thing about these types is they have no idea just how negative they really are. And if someone would have tried to convince that commenter that the comment was negative, he/she would have never been convinced because he/she feels its just stating facts.

We all know people like this.