Thursday, July 1, 2010

Extra Income and Budgets For July!

Yesterday, while at work I was informed that my department will have an opportunity to work 1 full week of overtime. Boy was I excited when I heard the news!!! As soon as I got a free moment I calculated how much I would make if I worked 20 hours and It came out to be an additional $560 bucks!! With the yard sale this weekend and over time, I will be able to put money towards my debt and possibly have a little fun.

I thought I would feel like going spending crazy on my first day off the budget but suprisingly there is nothing I actually need right now. This is good because it gives me time to plan out my spending, and keep track of whats coming in and going out. I am looking forward to the holiday with no major spending. My best friends birthday is tomorrow, I know we are schedule to have a bowling party and of course I am going to get her a gift, it would probably be a good idea to sit down and do my budget today.

I shall return with Julys figures!!


Young Mogul said...

I'm not surprised you have no urge to spend. It is surprising (less and less so) how little we want to spend once we have changed our mindset about debt and financial freedom. I know this is the case with me, at least.

Oh, and I'm also going to do my budget today.

everydaytips said...

Congratulations on your soon inflow of cash! If you do start using those coupons and combining coupons with sales, you will be saving even more money.

It sounds like your go green challenge was very beneficial to you- great job and keep 'not spending'!

Good luck with the garage sale