Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Things We Say That Keep Us Broke...

This post comes from Money Plan SOS-Debt Free Coach. I heard Dave Ramsey mention this post on Friday and thought it would be fun to share. Check it out and add to it if you DARE!!


1. I’m too ________ (old, young, in-a-middle-age-crisis, broke) to save money.
2. I deserve ________.
3. I did it to improve my credit score.
4. My student loan/mortgage is “Good debt”.
5. He told me I would _______.
6. The “Little Man” can’t get ahead.
7. I can write off the interest on my taxes.
8. How much a month?
9. I have retirement covered, Social Security _________.
10. When I _______, then I’ll be able to ________.

So whats keeping you from building wealth?


Young Mogul said...


1. I could die tomorrow so_______.
2. No one can ACTUALLY live completely debt free, so ________.
3. But it is 0% percent interest to finance....
4. But I couldn't pass up such a great bargain...

Like Sunshine Anderson, I've heard it all before....

L. Marie Joseph said...

The “Little Man” can’t get ahead.

LOL Dave Ramsey classic

Divine and Debt Free said...

lol Young Mogul I love that one too, no one can ACTUALLY be COMPLETELY debt free.

L Marie that IS a classic emphasis on the Eeyore voice lol

Jada said...

I love your blog Mik. It's so uplifting and inspiring. Thanks for being so positive girlie, sometimes I need your good vibes. I hope you are doing well hon!

Divine and Debt Free said...

I forgot to add one

"I have had this credit card since college It has sentimental value"

Thank you Jada you are so sweet, I try to be uplifting when I have a chance!!

MoneyPlanSOS said...

Thanks for sharing my post. It was a lot of fun and I'm loving all the response. Of course, there is always an "I should have said" moment and mine is with #3. It should have said "...but I have a great credit score".

I think everyone still got the idea and had fun with it.


Divine and Debt Free said...

No problem! its cool that Dave shouts out the bloggers from time to time!