Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Got The Feeling!! My New Car

This video best describes how I was feeling when I received the keys to my new silver crysler 300 (pics below)

All those feelings I had suppressed for over 2 years came rushing back into my lifeless body. I felt like a new woman! As I drove off I began to wonder was this the feeling that so many people crave when the make new perchases. That feeling that puts you so high on cloud 9 that the cost doesn't even factor into your thought process.

Who really cares about college funds, or 401k's when you can cruise down the highway in style feeling like everyone is looking at you thinking "how fly is she in that new whip" Driving this car makes me feel like I can do anything, go anywhere and be anybody. Now I can say "Im normal" again, I fit in with the rest of America and I FEEEELL like the rest of America too, sooo good. When you take a ride with me you can enjoy that new car smell, xm radio, and don't forget you have your own temperature controls.

Leather seats, custom wheels, the steering wheel audio controls, I mean life really doesn't get much better than this! I mean its like, why not be in debt when you can feel like this every day of the week. You know what they say "you really only live once so why not enjoy your life now" I couldn't agree more. That is why I couldn't resist when the offer was presented to me. Jetta wha? that ole thing? don't worry I gave it to someone who will take good care of it.

I really wonder if this feeling will last or if it will fade away over time. I don't know but time will tell, because I have to return that sucker back to the rental place tomorrow morning!!

haha got cha!!


ms80s said...

You definitely got me.... I was over here like Mik got a new car... I was thinking you had paid for it in cash and everything... .Good one :)

Young Mogul said...

I didn't believe for one second you actually bought that car!