Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Hey everyone who missed me!! Its been a good week and I am in the progress of trying to secure a new apartment. I really like the space in my current apartment but this new one has a rent of $395 dollars a MONTH!! You really can't beat that with a stick in a nice part of town, and a lake, mall, and walmart in walking distance. Hopefully I will know something by tomorrow.

Ever since my lease was up at the beginning of September I have been wondering if I should stay or go. It was definitely an upgrade moving to this place and this place represents where I have come from. I really can't believe its been a year but hey time flies when you are getting debt free. Thats why Its important for me to encourage people when they say they can't do it. With anything else worth having it can take a while. However you just don't realize how fast time goes by when you are sacrificing so much. As I get closer and closer to debt freedom I am thinking of ways to increase my snowball. Renting a cheaper apartment can not only bring me closer to debt freedom faster, over the long hall I could save a LOT OF MONEY. I looked at my budget and assuming I am debt free by March I would still have over 20,000 worth of income to build an emergency fund, have a little fun with some travel, buy some toys and begin to invest in my future. It was a really exciting picture to see, and that just made me pray more that I get this new place.

I have set some goals for the rest of the year to help me stay on track. I REALLY want to call In to the Dave Ramsey show and scream I'MMMMMM DEBTTTTTTTTTTTT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and I can TASTE IT. I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday, stay tuned to more!!

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Congratulation on your success! It shows that you're concentrating on your goals and that's a very important key to success.

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