Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Food Challenge

Every body knows by now I am a sucker for any type of challenge. Most challenges I partake in are typicallys self made just because I like to see what I can do. When ever I come across new information I believe to be valuable, I try to find ways to incorporate it in my every day life.

I recently watched food inc, and the super size me documentary regarding the food industry. I was aghast at how the industry is only run by a few people, and what they put in our foods. I was having a conversation with my best friend and she advised me to just pray over my food and get over it. Yes I can be an extremist at times, but more and more I begin to wonder how much of what I eat affects me on a daily basis. I actually already know the answer. When I eat fast food im always tired, usually hungry a few hours later, sick to my stomach and short of breath. Some times when I am super busy I would eat out every single day which we all know is a bad idea, not to mention it takes a toll on my pocket book.

After watching super size me, I began to think about what roll eating fast food plays on my health. More specifically my asthma. I have been asthmatic since age 11 and have never had the luxury of "Growing" out of it. I have been hospitalized, put in intensive care at least 3 times and intubated once which was the most scariest thing I have experienced to date. I have gone on health binge, but have never really paid much attention to my over all health. When I eat better of course I experience weight loss, increased energy and better moods, but I don't really know if it affects my asthma.

So I am finally going to find out. If I could eat healthy and rid myself of breathing medicines and return to normal lung activity don't you think it would be worth it?? I certainly do. Although recent studies regarding poor diets and asthma are inconclusive, there is no doubt that, lack of certain nutrients cause problems for the average asthmatic. While its generally good to eat healthy all the time, I want to find out what long term benefits come with changing my diet maybe for good. I have never smoked, and I am not currently over weight so that is two positive things on my side already.

So the plan is to go 60 days eating healthy. I will not disclose what I will be eating until the end. My best friend believes its not possible because you will simply run out of good healthy stuff to eat....

To avoid that I am going make a 60 day meal plan that will include breakfast lunch AND dinner. I am also going to make a doctors appointment to check out where my health is NOW and then later after the challenge is over. Today I took one last dose of asthma medicine and I will track how often I use it over the next 60 days. I will also, (Try to) stick to mostly organic foods and track my spending regarding what I eat.

So let the eating begin!!!


Everyday Tips said...

Good luck on your good eating habits. I have asthma too,but mine is nowhere near as severe as yours. I am sorry you have had to struggle so much, and I really hope this works for you.

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

I do know that certain foods make it worse. I somehow *have IT* and the docs are saying that it's hereditary. ummm from? bcs NO 1 in my family has it.
Anywhoo. I would love to know the outcome and I have yet to see this movie.
I was watching the today and eeewww is all i can say about some of the things they put in our foods.
thx for this post