Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st and New Beginnings

I have been listening to a lot of audio books lately and they have really got me to thinking about things. As I just started listening to flight plan by Brian Tracy I have learn a lot of valuable information. He talks a LOT about goal setting and being realistic with your goals.

Right now as it stands I will probably not be debt free by April 15th. But have no fear!!! I have discovered some good things by delaying debt freedom just a bit and I will share...

1. I can start saving for things that will come after debt freedom like a vacation.
2. I will eliminate some of the frustrations I have had with not being able to shop.
3. I will be able to save up to give my little brother a $1,000 for his graduation from college.
4. I will be able to save for car repairs and other random things that pop up.
5. I can practice life after debt with a real budget as I have been so far removed from such a thing I HAVE to get back.

Of course I am making progress, but I have wasted a LOT of money from poor planning. I enjoy reading and learning about things that will challenge my thought process. I am welcoming the new start of a budget and welcoming returning back to basics.

I will be in Alabama for the weekend and I am on a NO spending plan weekend. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and I shall return soon!

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Young Mogul said...

Just keep treking along. You'll get there. Im getting back to my fav blogs. I missed divine debt freedom....