Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Are You Committing

Today, I was given an opportunity to reflect on what it means to commit to something. At some point in time, each of us find something to commit to, be it work, church, families, or ourselves. As I evaluate what it means to be committed I realized that first I have to be committed to an end result. Work = paycheck, Eating healthy = longer living and so on. We all know the old age saying "you get in what you put out" This is true in just about every area in our lives with the exception of grace and mercy given by God.

As it relates to my walk with Christ I understand that my commitment is never ending. However unless I have something to clearly aim for I will most likely always fail. For example being a bible scholar, I could pray until the cows come home for God to help me remember all the books of the bible but chances are I won't get that unless I actually STUDY the bible.

In order for me to stay on track with my walk I have to be real with the fact that I am AIMING for SOMETHING. Boldly put yes I do want something from God. Just as we reward our children for getting good grades, or cleaning their room we are rewarded by God. But make no mistake he does for us not because of our works but because we are his children. I am also aware that there are things you must do because you are apart of "this family" meaning we don't pay you to take out the "Family trash", you do it as YOUR contribution to this household. You also do it because if you didn't you might end up with a raw behind !! I honor and I respect my heavenly father. I am obedient to him because his is my "father" because of what I know I can have from my "Father" and because this is how I show him I am proud to be a part of "the Royal family"

So I say all that to say, as a leader, a future leader, or leader in the making. It is always inspirational and beneficial to know where YOU are taking us as a whole. I know through Jesus Christ I am going to heaven because I have confessed, repented and turned away from my sins. My reward is clear, I understand it and do my best to live by it to its completion . Where do you want to take your ministry. Do you want to help 100 people get saved in 1 year? Do you want to serve 300 meals to the homeless by Christmas? Do you desire to have every person in your camp "Debt free" (hey thats my vision). What are your people doing to make sure they reach that goal? Is there a time line for each of us? How are you measuring progress? Are you celebrating progress??

I have seen through out my life how God has given me a clear vision, and opened doors to get me there. We have celebrate together both publicly and privately. His commitment to me and PROMISE to me allows me to continue to be a part of HIS ministry. My goal IS to one day see heaven, but what am I gonna do while I am here on this earth.

So I set forth a task to write a vision, make it plain, measure your success, celebration your success and realize your hard work will eventually pay out. Its not about "if it doesn't we will be iight" WHY because you can't stay committed to something you can't see progressing. You can't do it alone, you need people to catch your vision but you also need a plan to get there.

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